Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thoughts On A Sunny,Summer Sunday

When you're retired and have a spouse without a job one day just slides into the next. The past few days I've been pretty lazy and spent a lot of time reading outside on the deck. I really love those kinds of days!!! The weather has been sunny and warm....low 70's.
Kev's job did not work out for him. He had a 45 minute commute and wasn't getting paid what they originally stated so he decided that he wouldn't really make enough to pay for the gas. So, after 3 days he decided not to take the job. He also is looking for a full time job and didn't know if that company would actually hire him even after a year had gone by....that's a long time to be in the dark.

this is my view and cheering squad as I wash the dishes
Friday evening we drove our little convertible in the car cruise. Our city has a car show every year and we usually drive in it, our car is not that special.....2006 red pontiac solstice....but Kevin likes to drive in the parade from Manitowoc to Two Rivers and I ride along. 
It was a beautiful night, before the drive we walked around to look at some of the 570 cars. I ran into a couple of my nurses in the chemo department and the wife of one of my former bosses. It was nice to chat with them for a bit.
When we got to Two Rivers we got something to eat and visited with more friends. Kevin was ready to go home early but part of me wanted to stay a while and listen to the music and have a beer. I decided to go home with Kev. Later I was reading in bed and I was able to listen to the music was loud and I had the bedroom window open.
Saturday morning I slept until almost 10....very late for me. It was another beautiful day and I felt like reading I did. I knew some friends were coming over after lunch but I was tired and decided to take a nap...guess what? Ten minutes later I hear someone walk in and say "Anyone home?" I knew he was coming and I had the back door open so it was not unexpected....I wasn't sleeping anyway. I like my friends to be able to pop in anytime. 
We had a very nice visit with a friend of Kev's and his dad, a man Kev calls his 2nd dad. Bill lives in AZ now and usually gets here once in the summer so we look forward to visiting with him. Later my bff came over with our grandson (more drama with his mom) but grandson J did get to stay. Deb, Jim, and Danny stayed to visit with everyone too. Kev popped in a pizza and Deb shared her veggies and dip with us. It was a really nice afternoon and I enjoyed it.
That evening another friend decided to have a fire in her backyard so grandson J and I stopped over there. We had good conversation, a beer, and a s'more.....I had 1, Jalen had several.
This morning I slept late again.........what is with that??? J's mom demanded (or rather made his brother call and demand) that I bring him home before noon. She is such a control freak. 
My neighbor was having a garage sale and Deb wanted to walk down there, so we did. Jennifer is trying to raise money for medical bills. Her husband has Parkinsons and  lymphoma. They are not that old....their daughter is 9 and the boy is 4. So sad. I am glad that we walked down 3 houses to meet her. 
Once again I was out on the deck reading when Kev came home from golfing. He wanted to go to Menards to get some things so I rode along. I picked up a few more plants.....I do that all the time...I just keep buying and buying. One thing he was looking for were parts for the grill, but they're not in stock so he was online chatting with someone after we got home. Before we got home we stopped to eat at Culver's. They have a supply of pamphlets on display and one is a nutritional guide. I was pretty tickled b/c now I can figure what was my best choices are before I get there. 
I love my new washer, it has a wash load size choice or water saver choice. I can open it up without having to hold down the stupid button that didn't work 1/2 the time. of clothes are much cleaner....I am a happy woman. 
No summer school this week so I can sleep in every that a good thing? 
I can't believe July 4th is just around the corner. 
Have a great pre-holiday week!!!


  1. Sounds like you and Kevin had a fun and relaxing weekend. I love your angel collection, especially the one angel who looks like she is cheering you on as you do the dishes!

  2. Great view out your window with the cheering section! I am usually up by 5 and soon as it gets daylight, I love to get outside and work in the yard. I am having trouble with my arthritic knee and is stopping me from doing a lot.
    Have a great week, Linda!