Sunday, May 31, 2015


Hamilton Manufacturing was THE place to work in Two Rivers in its hey day. 
In 1880 the plant started out making wood type for newspapers. The company later expanded to building the type cabinets and  furniture for labs, schools, doctors, dentists, etc. In 1917 they started using steel for their cabinets, although use of wood continued. They made the first gas powered clothes dryer.
Hubby worked there for 30 years, his mother and several other relatives worked there also. The company employed 100's of people and the local economy was affected when the plant closed about 2 years ago.  There were changes in the past few years, a manufacturing plant was opened in Mexico (inferior work), the company was sold twice (as far as I can remember). Hubby was so stressed that he quit and found a new job in 2008....and presently he is searching for another. The company was sold again and demolition on all the buildings completed this year.
The manufacturing site is over 12 acres that now stands bare. The city is hoping to redevelop it into something beneficial. The harbor is right there.

Today, May 31, was the 'Stackfest' celebration in Two Rivers. It was a bittersweet event for many. A lot of the past employees were there to watch the implosion of the 233' smokestack. Two local bars with a good view of the smokestack had a block party, it was kinda neat because the bars are less than a block apart. Music was playing and old friends were catching up on the latest news. Food and drinks were served outside in the sunshine....but....the wind was darn cold. It was 53 but too windy...I had on 2 layers and had blankets along. It would have been a great day to get out and chit chat if it were warmer. 

We arrived early and had a great view.

 Debbie and I went alone, but Eastin and the boys caught up with us. My grandsons sat in the front by us while the guys were watching elsewhere and talking to old friends.

There were 100's of people who wanted to view the event, this is our little section. We are down in front.

 I took photos while Eastin and Deb took videos....we can share...easy peasy.

I've never seen a live implosion before.

Almost gone.

Now it's totally bare.
I hope they can put something nice there. 
We are a small town.............
What can they do???

Thanks for stopping by....what other 'adventures' are in store for this week???


  1. You got some good pictures!

  2. Very exciting stuff!
    I hope the city fathers have some good ideas for bringing "life" back to this lovely area...I've had you on my heart. Hope things are moving forward in a pleasing way for you.