Thursday, May 7, 2015

It Doesn't Happen To Me

It only happens to the other guy.....but oh, it does happen
 to me!
Last year I had breast cancer. Thank God that is behind me.
This year I had a long lost cousin, first cousin, contact me.
I was away on a short vacation with some Red Hatters....more on that to come.
When I got home last night Kevin tells me that someone left me an unusual message on our answering machine. He says "I don't know if it's a scam or not and I don't know what you're going to do about it. Be prepared."
By this time I am I call up the voice messages. I hear a woman asking if I am so and so's daughter. Nope.....but she has all the other information correct. Hmmmm After I think about it I guess that she mispronounced my mothers name. I called Lori this morning and we had a nice visit. Her dad was my mom's youngest brother and he had 2 daughters that we do not know. Lori is in WI and her 1/2 sister (whom she recently met) doesn't live very far away from her. In July they will be nearby so I hope to meet them. One of them is a redhead too :-)  (from our grandma and her mother)

Yesterday I found out that I am married to a man without a job. He was called into work (he's been laid off every 2nd week) and told that the company has closed it's doors. We have insurance until the end of the month....after that??? I pray God will provide! There is a minute chance that some investors will put up money and purchase it.

I have not unpacked from the 3 day trip but I have thrown papers all over my kitchen counter and washed clothes. I, at least, want to clean up the for now.


  1. Hopefully everything will fall into place.

  2. How awesome that you are going to meet a cousin. I am sure that she is excited to have found you...and will be even more excited when she gets to know you!

  3. Life is crazy and fact is stranger than fiction! Hope you and your cuz hit it off.
    Love your attitude about your husband's job!
    I am claiming I Peter 5:7 for you!!!