Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Day Was A Total Fail

We have 3 grandsons who live here, the rest are about 60 - 100 miles away so I don't see them often. Now that I am 'healthy' and retired I hope to see more of all of them. I try to attend all of the boys'  school events, in fact today I am going to the last bookmunchers for the year. I bring food for the boys, we have lunch together, and they read to me.
I was fortunate enough to be able to attend grandparents day again this year. One of the fun things about the day was that it was grandson J's birthday.
I had to be there earlier than usual and no fast food places (that my VERY picky grandson likes) were open for lunch. I drove through several places and finally found one and picked up some food that I thought he'd eat. I attended a couple of his classes, music was fun. Next was recess, he likes to play foursquare. They certainly don't play the way I played as a kid. Of course I took a few pictures. 

Lunch is after is when the real fail starts. We sit with J's brother and other grandma. OHHHH NOOO
The soda I bought (I usually don't buy soda) was in a cup and it tipped while I was carrying it around outside. My bag was dripping and his lunch was floating. J doesn't like the food from that fast food place anyway....but.... His brother and grandma are eating their subs. There is not any time to run out and buy something else so I go to the principal and ask if there is anything they can do. He and the woman at the lunch counter are so nice and say he can make a PB&J sandwich or eat off the salad bar (they know emergencies happen). J is nearly in tears and refuses. He's stubborn like his dad and grandpa and we can't change his mind. I tried.
What else can happen? It's not over yet.
My, expensive, key for my car (with the remote start on it) was in my bag and is wet. I tried to revive it and was unsuccessful so now I am using the cracked one that barely works. A new one is over $200 and I can't afford it now.
They have a book fair that day too. I don't bring my purse in the school when I visit so didn't have any $ for him..... another disappointment for him. As much as I hated to do so I asked the other grandma if she had some money I could borrow. She did. I was glad there was a hint of good in the day. Misty was parked next to me so I waited for her to come out and paid her back. I like those quick and easy transactions.
After I left school I finally ate my lunch. I felt so bad for him, he's 10 and things like the school events and the lunch I bring are important. Today we can laugh about it. I think this should be a scrapbook page for him.
Today is 'book for a buck' at their school so I will bring in a couple of dollars and they'll be happy. I know exactly what to bring for lunch for each one. 

This week is full of lunch dates: 
Yesterday I went to visit my sister and we had lunch. We stopped at a couple of thrift stores. Right now I am enjoying the smell of the lilac bouquet she gave me. Ours are no where near open yet.
Today I'm having lunch with my 2 grandsons.
Tomorrow is lunch at the senior center to honor the director who is retiring. 

I have been running every day this week, thankfully next week will be much quieter!


  1. Bless your heart!! Those things happen! I shudder for you at that $200 key! I guard mine lest that happen to me! A few months ago my youngest son, Ben, had to get a new cell phone. His died. I asked what happened and he said, "Death by burrito!" He had bought his lunch and put it in his backpack since he was on his motorcycle. When he got home he discovered his phone was in the same bag and the burrito had been squished and was all soggy - and so was the phone! Death by Burrito - not a pretty sight!

  2. It is lovely that you can spend quality time with your family xxx

  3. Well, it sounds like the day wasn't a total fail. You came through for him and I am sure he will appreciate it when he is older. You are an amazing grandma to go to things at their school. Not many grandmas do things like that. Lunch dates for days....sounds fun! Have a lovely end of the week and weekend!