Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

Yup, I have plenty of 'em.
Or would it be Anxiety on Thursday...
What Now Thursday?...
or How Can a Life Be So Messed Up???
Whatever it is I am sharing my thoughts.....
I fell asleep with them and woke up at 4AM with them....
Hubby's son, E, is 30 and has nothing other than a wife and 3 boys. Technically one of the boys is not his, but that's neither here nor there. E considers him to be his son.
His wife took the boys and moved in with her parents almost a year ago. They still manage to do things together but it seems (to me) like they have serious issues and might be better off apart. That's not the point either.
The point is that E and his roommate were evicted because a 3rd roommate took their rent money and absconded with it. Now he has no place to live...and no money...he never was good with money. He is also on probation and with no address there would be jail time instead and that would lead to him loosing his job. I asked Kev about him (we are both tuff love believers) and convinced E to call him. Kev needed time to think about what we are doing to do. Those two do not have a close relationship. E is the kid who left as soon as he turned 18, quit school, and got into some minor trouble. He seldom calls and comes over only when invited, and not always even then. Kev is NOT a talker or EMPATHETIC's very hard to know how he feels. They did talk on the phone a little last night and Kev told E that does loves him and wants to help him. So E is coming over after work this morning to talk and we're going let him stay for a while. That means I have to clean up our one small, spare's normally the kids room. The small closet packed.....I have to attempt to clean it out, at least most of it out. ugh!!!!!We'll try again to help E get his life straightened out.

Something else to think about......
In 10 more days we will not have insurance. Kev has not had any job offers yet. I have doctor appointments this week, no more until July, and my meds are filled for almost 3 more months. I'm not sure what we are going to do. Cobra is expensive, if we apply for other temporary insurance we'll have to meet the deductible AGAIN, and who knows what could happen if we take a gamble???

Kev was promised a nice severance package if he stayed with his company until it closed. The place closed for lack of what do you think? ....we're thinking there won't be any payment. 

That's enough for me to think about today.
Right now I am going to concentrate on the sunshine...........looks like rain again for next week.


  1. You really have a lot to think about. Why does everything have to happen at the same time! I hope things start going better soon and things start to fall into place for you. I hope E apprieciates what you are doing for him and gets his life in order. Now go out and soak up some of the sunshine. Maybe I will take my own advice and get outside.

    1. I had lunch today with a gal with very similar problems in the family. So sorry you gals have such full plates. I so hope and pray E will take advantage of your love and hospitality and make some serious changes. Cloudy today...hoping for sunshine tomorrow. Now you go and soak up a bunch. Love and Hugs.

  2. No wonder you wake up early! Way too many thoughts going through your head. Hugs!!!

  3. I can understand why you're not sleeping very well. You're in one of those situations where there are no easy answers. God bless you, sweet friend. ((HUGS))