Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More Living With Linda

I've been trying to think.....
Yes, I think I have chemo brain..............although I hate to admit it. I'm not ashamed, but it is another imperfection. I never had a good memory, as I said before I don't remember much of my childhood, but I do clearly remember certain things. It seems like lately I often times have trouble coming up with the right word....ie: today when I was at Subway I was pointing to the cukes and said spinach, one day I told them I wanted paprika on my sub when I always have oregano (and I was picturing oregano-where did paprika come from?). Sometimes I try to explain what I am trying to say with my hands....and it's really surprising when the person I am talking to knows exactly what I mean. 
The other day I drove to my grandsons' school for their last concert. I found a great parking space and walked up to the door, it was locked. I rang the buzzer and the secretary asked if she could help me. I inquired about the concert and she informed me that it was the following day. DRAT! I know I have not done that before. Life will go on.......and on.........and on.
I KNEW it was the following day, in fact, as I was driving I kept wondering why I told Kathy I was busy on Tuesday when I was attending the concert on Monday, and I only had something scheduled for One day this week.  I knew we both had plans for Tuesday. 
I did make it to the concert and even sat on the floor with my 4 year old grandson and let him take photos with my phone. Mom, the other grandma, and some other family members saved me a chair near the front. The boys are so happy when we attend their events.

I always write all my appointments and plans on my calender so I know exactly what all of my options and obligations are.....BUT I guess I have to actually look at my calendar every day.
It has taken me 2 days to think of the word for the spray oil to use on cooking pans.  'PAM',  that's it! :-)

I have a 'coffee' date with a friend on Thursday. Will I go on the right day????

On the bright side hubby is getting some resume's and job applications sent out. Everything is done online nowadays.


  1. I've never had chemo so I don't know what's wrong with me. I forget things if I don't set alarms and reminders on my phone. I think it's because life is so busy and we just can't keep up with everything. Have a great Wednesday!

  2. Linda~I do not have chemo brain and you sound EXACTLY like me. Although I was informed that my MRI of my brain(in 2003) showed 4-5 brain lesions. But no big deal because I had wicked migraines. I still wonder about them.

  3. You know that I do that forgetful thing regularly. I agree with Vicky (above) that life is just busy. Then I also have the age factor to figure in with it. It is so nice that you can go to their concerts. I have only gotten to two of the plays that my grands were in because it takes so darn long to get there. Better to go for the trial run a day early than a day late!

  4. Here's a big fat hug for you Linda. My daughter had chemo brain after her treatments. She was never so bad about her thinking...it was had to watch. Then she started getting better. I truly believe if my daughter would cut out sugars she would be even better. I wish you great health. Get a big old erasable calendar. My daughter keeps track of her work schedule on one now. Bless you. xoxo,Susie

  5. Yes- Chemo brain is very real...people don't realize it until it affects them or someone they know. It does improve though with time. The good part is that the chemo worked for you as it should. Whooo Hoooo.
    Happy Wednesday- xo Diana