Monday, August 10, 2015

A Red Hat Society Picnic

Our red hat club had a good showing at the annual Red Hat "picnic" last week. It's held inside so I don't consider it a picnic and besides I prefer to be outside when it's warm. Apparently the majority likes to be be it. These are the 11 members of our group that were in attendance, we had one more but she wasn't feeling well and went home after dinner. 

Next we played some games.............the first being opening a caramel while wearing work gloves. My team was the winning team..........I call it my team b/c I was the first in line. *Hint* Try using your teeth to get the wrapper off, it seems to be more precise than the awkward gloves.

Sandi is camouflaged so she thinks we can't see her. ha ha ha

 Can you tell that our next game was dress up?
Just starting....I hope she didn't come from home looking like this....

Connie's pretty panties were soon covered by a fancy metallic skirt and she added more to her headwear. 

We had the usual picnic fare....catered in......hamburgers, brats, and various salads....nothing spectacular, but it was good.
Gwen and I had some comfy, colorful pants.

We laughed.

We all stood in a circle and passed around MANY bags of 'stuff' and when the music stopped  whoever was holding the bag had to put on what was inside....anywhere on your body. See Mary's 'kneepads' below.

We had fun, we laughed, will we do it again next year? They played it a couple of years ago, but I didn't go that year. It was fun to be silly and laugh. 
See? I sometimes spend time with adults!!!


  1. Hi there and thanks for visiting me:). I am always happy to meet new friends! It looks like you all had a great time! Have a blessed day! Hugs

  2. Such a fun party Linda. Love the dress up. Love the bra! Cuuuute. I know you all had a great time!

  3. It is always GOOD to laugh, be silly and have FUN!!

  4. Never too old to have fun! X

  5. Looks like you all had a great time. Maybe not as good as if you would have been playing in the a good, dry, time.

  6. Laughing is supposed to be good for you. We should all be healthy after all the laughing we did that night. What fun!

  7. Laughing is great for you! It looks like such a great time! It looks like something I would have fun doing. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  8. Never too old to have fun and be goofy. Jack and I laugh every day.(usually all day)