Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More Pool Time And A Birthday

Last saturday we celebrated one of my grandson's birthdays. Grandson T is 12....time sure flies. At that age they want expensive stuff or clothing I can't buy here. I gave him some cash and his favorite candy. I know he got a skateboard and lots of cards. As I was looking for a gift bag I spied this box and $20 bill wrapping paper. The red lid flips up so I just glued the wrapping paper around the box and put a greeting on the front to cover up the brand name on the front. Easy and cute.

T's party was held at his uncle's house again, and it was a perfect day. Tim and Lana have a nice pool for the kids to play in...and play they did. 

The boys (ages 10-12) had so much fun trying to dunk one of the dads.
Pretty good photo of T balancing on the deck fence as he pushes off into the pool, eh? OK, I'd admit it just looks that way, the fence is several feet behind him.

Here are most of the kids.The birthday boy has 'bunny ears'. Missing is his 14 year old sister and her friend. 

The kids were in the pool for over 3 hours. They did come out briefly to eat and have some cake later. 
A couple of the moms went in to cool off also. I just watched and took photos. 

Grandson J went along with me. I wasn't sure if he'd be going b/c sometimes he comes over early on saturdays and sometimes he comes over late in the afternoon. Even though he barely knows T he had a great time, he gets along with everyone...young and old.

I have lots of plans for this week....it's a busy one. Do I ever participate in any adult activities??? Come back to visit if you can and find out! Now I need to make some time so I can visit your blogs. 


  1. Pool parties are the best. We had two Birthday Pool Parties this month. You caught some really fun pictures...The water is so blue...nice pool.

    Really cute wrapping paper....

  2. A pool party sounds like a great way to celebrate his birthday. Why do children enjoy dunking adults in the pool so much? It looks like there was plenty of room for everyone to swim around. I do not blame them for staying in the pool for over three hours, and I definitely do not blame the parents for cooling off in the pool.