Saturday, August 29, 2015

My New Kindle

Ok, I finally succumbed to one of amazon's daily deals.
The Kindle fire hd 6 was advertised for $69...can't beat that, huh? I added the extra memory ($20) that was suggested by other users. By the time the shipping charges were added the total price was less than $100. I think I paid over $200 for my Nook color when I purchased it 5 years ago. The Nook is on it's last's so slow and sometimes I have  hard time turning it off or on. 
The Kindle is smaller but so far I love it! I don't like to use dt on my phone.....we have VERY little and my phone cuts on and off of Wifi most of the time...the Kindle stays connected much better. 
The first time I played Words with Friends on it I was astonished.....usually I play on my phone.... small phone...this screen seemed huge to me. 
My Nook had the Kindle app so I already have lots of books downloaded.
Before my Kindle arrived I was shopping at my favorite thrift store I saw 2 cases....I picked up the smaller one, hoping it would fit. It's perfect nd is rel kindle lucky is that? I usually buy some cheap thing that is close....but this is the real looks new. 
The inside looks dirty, but it's not, it's suede & that is how the light reflects on it. 

 Not  scratch on the cover with  magnetic closure. 
 The tab on the back has never been used to hold the case open.

How much you may be wondering????
I think it was .50 or maybe $1. I'm not sure because the prices are not marked on the items t this store.

BTW if you see some strange words/letters in the post I Have to warn you that the key for the first letter in the alphabet is I can only correct the spelling of certain words...if I'm prompted to do so. I cannot type that you know how many words contain the first letter of our ", b, c's"????   LOTS!

Come back for more of my thrift store finds.


  1. Yeah to a thrift store find!!! Love the Kindle, I still don't have one but have been thinking about it:) Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Great deal on the Kindle and really great deal on the case! I love my Kindle! Have a great Sunday...:)

  3. Enjoy your new Kindle! You have the best luck thrift shopping!!!

  4. Great finds! Again! You are my thrift store hero!

  5. I love my Kindle. It's the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten. It was totally a surprise and I was like a kid in a candy shop. I was jumping up and down and screaming. We don't do much for Christmas so this was a huge deal!

  6. Great find indeed. I love the color of your case.
    I do not have a Kindle, but I have been thinking about it. :-)