Friday, September 4, 2015

Sleeping Beauty And The Short Sassy One

Finally I am getting around to the week we had with 2 of my granddaughters. I call the oldest one (12) sleeping beauty because she likes to sleep in, my daughter described the younger one as 'the short, sassy one'. By no means is that a bad thing....she's not sassy in a defiant way. One morning we were sitting at the table and I asked if she wanted to eat something...she replies (with a big smile) "I eat when I wanna eat."

Who would not love this cute face and big smile???/

Claire (7)

One day we went to the Stamping event and made cards. 

 Making mom's birthday card.

The afternoon before they had to leave. Jlen is not smiling because mom would not let him come over....and after that day she told him 'no more grandma's',  HUH???
the 3 boys are brothers
  silly girl

Plying some goofy dress up game....why is she wearing  paper bag?

 Jalen loves doing this to his girl cousins. He loves them sooo much. 
 On their last morning we asked grandpa to turn the TV on to her favorite channel. She gets up before everyone one and likes to red or watch TV. They don't have cable at home so don't watch regular TV....she gets so engrossed in it. Here's what I found when I came downstairs. 

Lter this 'little old lady' came into the basement to see what scrapbook pages the other two were working on. 

 We enjoyed our traditional root beer floats.
 I love how she did her hair. 
 Some of her favorite pages. 

Look what I found on the bathroom mirror!
The other mirror sys 'your' awesome...Grandson J put that on  long time go. 

My daughters girls are the sweetest girls. They're so well-behaved and not demanding. They don't need to be entertained. They're happy and easy to be round. They're pretty good at taking care of themselves. Ava loves mashed potatoes so I'm sure to make them several times when she's here. 
Ava (12) loves to red, so I have to make sure we get to the thrift stores and library so she has enough books on hand. When she was here in June she joined our local library's reading program, free books can be earned by reading....she took home 5 free books. If she lived closer we'd be doing some serious scrapbooking!

Love you!
Wish we could spend more time together.


  1. Linda, You had a fun time with your grands. I love seeing kids use their imaginations. It's great when kids love to read too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Linda, you look beautiful. I think the girls look like you. Just darlings including the boy. What a fun day!

  3. Such a wonderful post and your photos are lovely! You look beautiful. :)

  4. The girls are being brought up in peaceful, loving home. That makes a big difference. The other factor is the lack of TV. If you saw regular TV, you would realize so many are so disrespectful to one another and children to adults. They call it "funny" or "cute." Not so much!

  5. You are a wonderful grand! They are so lucky to be able to spend time with you and you with them. Claire is so cute with her TV and reading robe. She is something else! And Ava is always a pleasure to see. Happy memory of her at West Garden, reading in that beautiful setting.

  6. Oh, what a wonderful time you got to have with your grands!!! You are a GRAND grandma!!! I love how you made sure they all had treats special to them!! The house is really quiet after all that excitement, isn't it??