Thursday, September 10, 2015

Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words?

I think it is.
And these are my thoughts this thursday.
His family says he talks back and fights with his brothers. I am sure he does....isn't that part of childhood? His father was disagreeable too. What I see is a boy who is different from his older brother (they have different fathers but have not been told the truth). The older boy is more easy going.....and the 'baby' is the BABY and can do no wrong in his mom's eyes. 

 See how he often leans in toward his brother?

 Yes, he holds the arm of his younger brother too.
Looks like a look of love to me. 

 Again touching one of his cousins. 

 He has his arm around dad (above) and his cousin (below) .

I see a boy who shows love, even when he is disagreeable. 


  1. Wonderful pictures, and wisdom and insight on your part. Hugs.

  2. Linda, I loved the pictures. Sometimes kids may need just a bit more hugging from us. He looks like he is willing to be part of a loving family. I like his sweet smile. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Puberty is such a difficult time of life for everyone, yet we all make it through - some easier than others. God bless this boy as he goes through this season of his life.

  4. I have always enjoyed Jalen.(I don't know the other 2 hardly at all) He is a special boy.

  5. The next few years will be especially challenging, as Sweet Tea said. He IS a loving I wish his mother would see that in him.

  6. SO sweet:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  7. Some people only see what they WANT to see and as long as her agenda comes first she will never see what the rest of us see in him. I have spent enough time with him to see it but she probably hasn't.

  8. I have a nephew like this. He can be "difficult" but he is also so very loving, it's amazing. Some people (his dad) don't understand him, but his mother and I know that even though he comes across as aggressive, he really is very sweet. It just that his older brother is such an easy child and so kind that the younger seems like he's problematic in comparison. But, they're just different. And both the loves of my life.

  9. Beautiful pictures!!! He's all boy, but he shows his love!!!