Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Thrifting We Will Go.....

Oh, so you think I have just been lazing around reading and eating bon bons.....well you're not too far off. 
I have been lazy, reading...but no bon bons.....some chocolate when I have it. 
Want see some of my finds? This shopping has been done over  period of almost 2 months...just don't want you thinking that I scooped up all of these great goodies last week. 
This imitation Thirty One bag ws .50. I still like it and I'm sure I'll make good use of it. 
The white Naturalizer sandals were $5. I don't have any dressier white sandals, just flip flops.

I just had to have this wooden turtle pen holder for $1.

I know, I know I didn't need another purse, but for $1.50 I picked it up and brought it home. I have to switch quite often. 

I've been wanting some 'scrf  jewelry' but I'm not bout to pay full price for I found this coral piece attached to some really ugly scarf type necklace for .50 or $1.00. I tossed the necklace piece and put it on the scarf I made at the library. I've been wearing more coral lately, so this works pretty good. 

This Chico's jacket was on clearance for .95. I think it will work well for this fall. 

Close up of the details. 

Since my hair has changed color, so has much of my clothing. I picked up some colorful tops. 

These were $1 or $2 each....I can't remember. 

This red, sparkly top will be good for Christmas or Red Htting. 

One day children's clothing ws, that's not  typo.
I picked up this size 14-16 lightweight jacket and pair of jogging pants for my grandson.

Some shirts for my granddaughters....

They're wrinkled because I didn't wash them.
If they girls like them mom will wash the shirts. 

I picked up 2 baskets for my gardening adventures...(buy one, get one free), shoebox size container, 2 pairs of shoes for grandson J ($1 or $2-he says he can use one for gym and keep one pair here, he appreciates doesn't give  hoot), some huge vellum leaves (.50) for scrapbooking,  plastic 12 x 12 'envelope' for scrapbook pages  & makeup. It's the white, shiny orb on the lower right. 

This is the make up....brand new compact of powder.... perfect color for me. ($2 or $3). I love it.

I know there are more little things, but this is enough.....right????
Seems like I have errands to run almost every day. I thought I was all done and could stay home thursday and friday....well....I forgot to get some money for the I was gone once gin. I have to drive past the thrift store on my way guess where my car automatically pulls in??? 
On the bright side I have been dropping off quite  few bags of things too. Cleaning out my kid's stuff and soon my fall clothing will become downsized. Last fall I was too sick to give  darn. 
Thanks for shopping with me!!!!


  1. Great deals on the clothes! The brown "jacket" is perfect for fall...You did good!

  2. Linda, Great thrift finds. I love the scarf make-over...looks good with your coloring. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Oh, HONEY!!!! You hit the jack pot!!!! I love ALL your finds!! I am rejoicing along with you that it is THIS year and LAST year is behind you!!!

  4. That pen holder is cute. The brown jacket looks good on you! I just haven't been into shopping much lately. I have too much stuff.

  5. You look so good!!!! I have been away from blogging this summer and it was nice to catch up and see all the great finds you purchased. Have a great Labor Day- xo Diana

  6. Awesome finds! I love the basket, perfect for just about anything. The tops are great! It's hard to find plus-size anything! I guess there are more "big girls." You look great!

  7. Hi,
    I love all your finds. But the turtle is my favorite. :-))

  8. All great finds! I especially love the turtle pen holder...I've never seen one before. Thanks for sharing!