Monday, August 17, 2015

My Extended Weekend Update

Whooosh,Summer is passing me by...or so it seems. I know the people who live in HOT parts of the country are looking forward to cooler temperatures, but I'm not. Our summer has been pretty nice, although the past couple of days have been hot and humid. 
The girls left wednesday about noon. It sure was quiet here ....and no smiles here either. Friday I had errands to run, one of them was to stop at a local veggie stand to get some fresh sweet corn. As I was on my way home I decided to stop in and see a friend of Kevin's...actually Bill is his 'adopted' dad. I'm like that....I'll stop in on the spur of them moment....and I don't mind if you stop in here either. I don't have a dad and haven't seen Bill for quite a while and I do like to talk to him. He lives in AZ and has been here all summer. We usually get together several times, but this summer it hasn't I just popped in. He was home and happy to chat and show me the improvements he and his son are making at Greg's house (where he is staying). 
By the time Kev got home from work I decided we needed to have a cookout here....for most of the summer we did not have a grill. I don't know if we've been to any at all this summer. Kev said saturday night was good. One day's notice is good enough for me. I don't get all stressed about having someone over. By this time the people I know are used to seeing my kitchen counter full of papers, etc. (I did clean it off ....I do that once in a while. Why doesn't it ever last?) I love having people over when the weather is nice. I invited just a few people with whom we normally do things; and Kev's sister and her hubby (b/c I had just spoken to her on the phone friday morning), Bill, and Kev's nephew and his wife (they are an adorable young couple). 
Saturday I cleaned up the house and bit and threw together a pasta salad. Eight people came over....if I had my way I would have invited a lot more....if I'm having a few over, why not everyone I know???? Kev was kinda cranky at first, but he got over it. It was a really nice night to sit outside and visit. Everyone was gone by 8:30...we're old...we go to bed early....
Grandson J was here too and so was Kileey....Kev's twin brother's 7 month old granddaughter, she's the cutest thing. 
Sunday afternoon Jalen and I cleaned out the kids books and games....I am so happy that got done, I had way too much stuff. I have 2 grocery bags of books for various Little Library's and 4 grocery bags of games to donate. Next I need to get rid of more toys. Jalen also tried to teach me how to play chess....that's a funny situation...he's so serious about teaching me.....guess I'll have a new hobby.
Today I had to drop off my donations.....I'm an 'equal opportunity donator' so stopped at both thrift stores. I picked up a nice Columbia brand, fleece jacket for Jalen for $3. If he doesn't want it I'll take it to the consignment shop and get my money back. I also found a pair of shorts for myself (for those really HOT days) for 25 cents, that store was selling all summer clothing for a quarter. 
It's been sooooooo dry here, several times the sky has threatened us with rain...but we'd only get about 6 drops...not today. The rain clouds just dumped on us, and this is what I drove home in (part of the time). I did see at least one car stranded in the road and at one point I wasn't sure if I'd make it...but I did. 

Tuesday I and a friend are off to another doctor appointment in Milwaukee. We're going to stop at the new Meijer store and see what kind of low sodium offerings they have...and of course, we'll have lunch, and a nice visit. 


  1. Wow!! That looks like a LOT of rain and I would LOVE to have some!! We are nearly 40 days without a drop!
    It sounds like such a fun weekend!! I am SO happy YOU are happy and feeling better and enjoying LIFE!!!!

  2. I hope you're having good weather today for your drive to Milwaukee today!
    Just want to let you know you've got me looking all around town for the little libraries. I've spotted a couple already. Little libraries are such a wonderful idea!