Friday, August 14, 2015

Random Thoughts Today

Have you ever been shopping and were not quite sure what size or  brand of clothing that fits you well and you really like?
I do that all of the time....and I am usually at a thrift store....I'm kinda lazy and do not like to try things on, but if I know it's the brand/size I like I will buy it or get undressed and try it on. Yesterday when I put on a pair of capris I don't wear very often I was delighted...they fit so good  (off white)....just like my favorite denim pair. I had an AHA moment....I'll take a photo of the brand name and size tag and that info will be available on my phone at any time I need it.  Guess what I found out? Both of them are the same brand & I know and won't have to guess.

Why is this chick turning pink? It was dug out with all the other ones that look like the plants on the right?

Back to shopping.....I haven't been doing much of late...well, except for grocery shopping. I haven't shopped in a 'real' store for anything for myself in a long time. I am so spoiled, I like thrift store prices. After I retired last year I was sick and didn't care what I wore. This year I just don't need anything new. If I see something I really like at the thrift store I'll pick it up, but I am trying to purge. This summer I cleaned out a bunch of my capris and tank tops. I took care of my jeans early in the spring. In another month I am going to get rid of a lot of sweaters, when I was working I liked variety. Now that I am home I only need a few things for church or 'going out', for everyday I prefer sweatshirts. We're not even going to talk about jewelry....that I don't wear much of.

Unfortunately my estranged daughter in law and I don't get along, we never have. She's a waitress and usually works nights so doesn't see much of her boys (ages 11, 10, almost 5). Lately she hasn't been working as much though. They all live at her parents house. I try to do as much as I can with them b/c she doesn't. In the past week I have spent a good portion of the day with them on 4 different days and had them over for a couple of hours on another day. That must not give her enough 'me time'. The one boy spent the night on saturday (as usual) and apparently she wanted all 3 to stay overnight on monday night when I had the girls here also.  I just had to say no b/c the youngest is 'high maintenance' as Ava says. The girls are very low maintenance. My house was a mess, it was the girls week, Claire goes to bed early and Skylar and Landon stay up late. We (the girls and all of the boys) had plans for tuesday morning/afternoon and I just needed to get my head together and things ready. Jalen was here and when mom called and he told her I said no, she hung up on him. When his brother called a little later and Jalen told him what I said, he hung up on Jalen. What???? A half hour later she dropped the other 2 boys off here to play for a little while. I was fine with that, they like to play with the girls.

It hurts me so much to see these smart, good boys lead their lives as nomads....they have no home...they spend some nights with their dad, some nights with one of mom's friends, some nights at mom's parents, and J has one night here. The only place J has an actual bedroom is here...........otherwise he has a bed in the basement or sleeps on someone's couch or the floor. I know it bothers him.

I, also, pick up a lot of things for my grandson at the thrift store....lots of shorts this year, 2 pair of flip flops for the summer, clothes, boots, etc. I sent a bag of school supplies home with him (to share with his older brother), not everything they need but some items. So what does Skylar say? He tells me what day mom will take them to get everything they need for free. *^%$#  I try to help out, have done it for 10 years. The boys often make cards for birthdays for mom, nana, etc (when they are here). Do you think I ever get a 'Thank You', 'Thanks', or 'I appreciate it' from mom? nope.
I don't do it for the thanks...but it would be nice to be acknowledged. 

I'm going to end on a happier note. I found someone locally who can build little libraries out of recycled and leftover materials, so they will be affordable. (Ava I'll call you in about 2 weeks about the

Now you know why I can't fall asleep. Enough cranking...tomorrow's post will be better!


  1. Thank you, grandma! Smiley face!!!!

  2. Linda, Hugs to you...cause girl you need some. The boys mom may recent every thing in her life. She needs to put her sons first..but if she is young, she may not. All you can do is love those boys and help them when you patient with their mom...she may come around one day. Big Prayers may help. I can't even image hanging up on my daughters. Bless your heart Linda. xoxo,Susie

  3. Hi,
    I am so happy the boys have you!! I will be praying for you to stay strong. I know this is not easy.

  4. My hens & chicks always had pink/maroon edges.

  5. Is the chick that you took home from here someplace else? If not, that is it! Mystery solved. You said you needed one with pink. So we took one out for you to take home. It looks like it is doing well in its new flock.
    Some people sure do need a lot of "me" time.