Monday, May 27, 2013

We Need to Talk About Kevin/book report

If you've read this book please leave a comment. We read this book for book club this month. I couldn't get into the style of writing, so I slacked off.  I hadn't finished it by the time we met but I wanted to finish I took this afternoon off and  read it. 
The story is told by Eva via the letters she writes to her estranged husband.
My Hubby, whose name is Kevin and whom I think it a bit paranoid, asked me "What's that about?" when he noticed the book laying on the steps (waiting for me to carry it up). It's a book.... duh..... we're reading it in book club.

Eva, a world traveler and very successful career woman, cringes when she becomes pregnant and gives birth to her son. A mother/son bond is not really formed. Before he turns 16 he murders several classmates....why? she the fault? She visits him in prison and tries to learn what makes him tick. As I read the ending I felt sick to my stomach. It makes for a lively, controversial  discussion.


  1. I am still not finished with it but will be soon.

  2. Thought you were going to tell me something new about your!