Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where Does The Time Go???

It's almost summer, but here, next to the big lake, we can't tell. It's mid morning, only 48F, and it's raining....I suppose we need the rain...but why can't it rain when I'm sleeping?
I've been busy: 
We had a great trip to Louisville with the Red Hat group- we visited Churchill Downs, did you know that all of the betting is done with CASH? There are rows of electronic betting machines. Can you imagine the amount of money that passes through those gates? 
We also visited the American Publishing House for the Blind, where they print Braille books, very interesting.
We stopped at the Louisville slugger Museum/factory.
We may be a bunch of old ladies wearing red hats, but we have fun!!!
My good friend makes me exercise in the pool in the evening. The pool was so neat, you were able to swim under the wall to the outside pool and vice versa. I've never been in a pool like that. (I know, I live a very sheltered life.) We exercised outside with some other friends, making the time go much faster.
Last week we went the a garden fair and had so much fun looking around at all the different plants. I only bought a few small succulents. We tried to find ones with 'babies' so we could share.....what a couple of "cheapos", huh???
On saturday I did a little bit of planting, it's still pretty cool here so we are waaaaay late. Earlier in the year I picked up these children's rain boots at the thrift store specifically for this purpose. I pulled out my drill (so happy to have MY OWN) and drilled holes in the soles, added some rocks for stability, and put the potted plants inside. It will look better as the plants grow. The boots are sitting by my front door now. 

 Carolee and I like to share plants, we're cheap! I have a cutting from a coleus for can I get it to her without it spilling all over?
 As I was going through my spice cabinet I came across a very old, almost empty container. I was going to save it for the grandkids............that's a whole 'nother post....but I decided it would be perfect for the plant cutting. 
I just cut between the holes in the shaker top, making enough room for the stem. It's not pretty but it works perfect!

Guess I really need to shower and get dressed and DO SOMETHING!!!! I have much more to share....hopefully I will have time to write soon. Have a great weekend!

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