Monday, June 17, 2013

I May Be A Pajama Convert

I'm not a pajama girl, I'm more of a nightshirt gal. I don't care for all that fabric on my legs, they're plenty warm under the covers. I picked up these Simply Vera pj's last week and put them on yesterday after my 6PM and shower (I was sweaty and dirty after planting flowers in the afternoon and we did not have plans for the evening). Comfy, very comfy! I just love 'em.
* I could wear these all day
* One does not need to keep the bottoms on while sleeping (too much info? sorry)
* I wouldn't be embarrassed to answer the door wearing these

I found this same pair on ebay - new, selling for $42.99
A couple of weeks ago I stopped at a thrift store and the friday policy (all summer) is '$5 stuff a bag' with clothing. I don't need any more clothes, in fact I need to clean my out!!! I went on to look for whatever was on my itinerary, but one woman was having so much fun calling to her friend "Look at this, would (so & so) wear this?" and "This is nice." I don't like digging through bins but I walked over and started looking too. We chatted as we looked through the clothing. It's not really about what you find but more about the hunt!  I picked up a few things for a couple of grandkids and one top for myself. If it doesn't fit or they don't like it I won't be offended or out a lot of money. They can stuff a lot of clothing in a grocery bag!

Last friday I was off again and had shopping to do but was not going to stop at the thrift store. While searching for a garage sale (that I never found) I went past that thrift store....and my car automatically stops (or it feels like it does). I figured I might as well look for stuff for the grands and I did find some things for my 13 year old grandson.....I hope the pants fit and he likes them. As I looked in the ladies bin the color of this top caught my eye and I threw it in my cart.....then I found another article of clothing in the same color..............oh! Pajamas....what the heck, I'll try 'em. They are not torn, stained, or pilly and were a lot less than $42.99 and I love 'em!

I really NEED to stay out of thrift stores.....I guess  I love to hunt for a bargain and I do give lots of it away....but I'd save a lot of $ if I just wouldn't walk through the door....

But today I do have a box of items to donate!!!!
Have a great week!

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  1. I am glad you are finding things and getting rid of things too. I would just be getting more "stuff." so I need to stay out of the thrift stores!