Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kool-Aid Tie Dye

Maybe you read my post about spray dye. We used up most of the dye, and being the frugal gal I am, I saved the small spray bottles....they do come in handy for crafting projects or travel. I got to wondering if there is any cheaper way to tie dye....Kool-aid? I googled and sure 'nuff, here is a recipe for kool aid tye dying. I am not sure how quickly it washes out or how good it works on paper projects but I am pretty sure I will try it one of these days. disclaimer: do not use fabric softener when you wash any items you want to dye, the dye will not take. I usually dye thrift store items that have to be washed first. I do not use liquid softener but some of you might.

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I've read that you can dye your hair with it, I don't think A's mom would go for that and I don't have a reason (today) to have pastel colored hair, so that endeavor will have to wait for a bit. I do think we could try tie dying her fingernails (not a Kool Aid project) but she bites her nails.....another way she is like her great grandma. I'd like tie dyed fingernails!

Just google Kool Aid tie dye for lots more ideas if you wanna try it, there are lots of ideas online. Don't you just LUV the internet?

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  1. Kool-Aid tie dye sounds like fun. i have enjoyed reading down your posts with all the things you accomplished with your grandkids. Your family has definitely made fond memories!