Monday, May 6, 2013

My Weekend Trip Up North

It went from this:
 to this.....

Actually when we left on Friday morning it was cold and windy here and in northern Wi they had a freak winter snowstorm. But my good friend and I were determined to attend the Sayner Stampede rubber stamping convention.

 It's a 200 mile drive. We watched the temperature drop from the mid 40's to low 30's. It's hard to see but there are icicles on the sign below and ice on the trees. The roads were fine. The weather was suppose to be cold and snowy all weekend, but saturday and sunday were gorgeous! It was 72F for the ride home.
There are a lot of beautiful lakes in northern WI, but if you're not an outdoorsman there isn't a lot to do.
We did find a lot of sights we wanted to share with here goes.

 This was formerly called's a "gentlemen's club"....why do they call them gentlemen???

 You've heard of a shoe tree? Some folks took that literally. On the way home I thought I saw a bunch of birds in a tree.........but as I drove past I noticed there were shoes in the tree, several pairs of shoes, tied together with turquoise shoe strings. I turned around and went back to show C the tree. She pulled out her ipad and took photos for me. In fact she took most of the photos I am posting today. Thanks for putting up with my and my antics.

 We saw 5 or 6 pairs. I don't know if you can find any of them. 

We stay at the same hotel every year, we even make our reservation for the following year when we check out. 
This beautiful handmade wood table was in the dining room.

 The top is as smooth as glass.
That had to be a BIG tree!!!

 Since the top is so smooth it reflected the wall paper. :-(

 Saturday night when we came home from the convention, about 8:30 we saw 4 deer right next to the parking lot. 

 They weren't too afraid....they looked up a couple of times and moved a bit, but they stayed while we took photos and got our stuff of of the car and went inside.
 This is outside of a museum.
 I saw stop signs nailed all over this antique store so I had to stop, right???

 I have several more 'up north' photos to share...but....when I pull them into my blog they are upside down or sideways. In my file they have been turned...but that changes. HELP!!!

On the way up we stopped at our favorite restaurant for the buffet....we even played the .25 (gambling) machine before we got to the table. On the way home (Sunday) we stopped at our favorite liquidator and Goodwill and our customary restaurant. We are creatures of habit. Even though I was exhausted saturday night I had a lot of fun.

Today started a new & normal week. Unfortunately my day began with a dentist appointment.

I'll tell ya more about the Sayner Stampede in my next post.

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