Friday, May 10, 2013

Who Is She?

Why is an old woman living in my house and wearing my clothes? Who is she? and why is she doing this to me? How did she get into my house?

She doesn't skip down the steps nor does she run up stairs, taking them 2 at a time. She makes me walk much slower than I am capable of doing. She puts on a pair of perpetually dirty eyeglasses every day. She cut off my long, curly red hair and left short, blondish/grayish hair in it's place. She's done something to the knuckles in my fingers and toes to make them enlarged and twisted. She's blown my body up like a balloon. She threw out all my small, cute, sexy clothes and filled my closet with black pants and XL tops. She must have slipped something into my drink to make my joints so stiff, that after I've been sitting for awhile it takes me forever to get up and get going normally. She's drawn wrinkles on my face and I can't erase them.

Will you stop already!!!! Go away and bother someone else!!! I am still me - I still like to be quirky, fun, and a bit different. I'm still insecure and want people to like me, although I am not quite as shy as I use to be. I'm still a loner and am afraid to share 'secrets' lest people turn against me and use them to hurt me. I still love books. I have learned to be a clown and make fun of myself before others make fun of me.


  1. Linda--this made me laugh. I feel the same way. Today I was asking myself, where did my waist go and who gave me these hips???

  2. You are still in there and that's what counts!