Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday/After Christmas Edition

  • It's not always easy being married to the king of procrastinators.....  I like to get it done so it's out of the way and I can enjoy the rest of the day. He likes to wait until the last minute and attempts to get it done in the nick of time....drives me nuts!
  • I am never going to have the Norman Rockwell type of Christmas (or any holiday) that I dream of. Divorce, blended families, and misunderstandings just SUCK!
  • I do like to bake goodies for the holidays! .....and it seems hubby likes to eat 'em, so we make a good pair.
  • Christmas eve and Christmas day were nice, we had a house full on the 24th, but I only talked to 1/2 of them. :-( We live in a tri-level house and the guys usually stay in the family room with the big TV and I have the tree in the living room....where most of the kids and women were. I'd prefer it if everyone could be together  It was someone hectic and there were only 5 kids here (ranging from 2-8). But I'd sure miss the grands if I didn't see them. Sooo many different personalities!


  1. I am the Queen of all procrastinators. I think it is hereditary as so is my Father.
    Our family is so small that we are all in the same room so no separating the sexes for our family.

  2. We get the same thing at our house....the men in the basement. Why do some women sit with their husbands all night? Don't they see enough of them all year?