Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

  • I was tired after work the other day but I went to our book club meeting anyway. We went to one of the gal's home.  Sue lives an old house and she decorates it beautifully! We walk around and look at her displays just like we are in a museum. One interesting thing they do is have a painted tree in the basement TV room. Explain, you ask.... Every year they buy a Fraser fir tree. When Christmas is over they haul the tree over to a friends and hang it upside down in the woods. When Christmas rolls around again they haul the tree back home and hang it in their garage and spray paint (takes a gallon of paint-not spray paint) it. Last year it was silver, this year it's white with white ornaments. It's stunning. Everyone brought yummy snacks, we had a book exchange, lively conversation, and even discussed the book we read.
  • I'm basically lazy: I don't put the cover back on my laundry detergent                                      I           
                                    I wear slip on shoes, I prefer no shoes
                                    I don't wear gloves unless it is really cold outside
                                    I keep things that I need at my bedside and chair (nail file, pens, notepad, etc)

  • What's is the difference between boys black snow-pants and girls? I didn't see any so I got the girls.....I couldn't find the right size in the boys dept. 
  • I'm stressing way too much about Christmas......I alternate between holding tears back and feeling like throwing up. Every time I think I have a whole day to get something done, something comes up and I get distracted. On my last day off I was baking cookies and a good friend called, so I invited her over for a 'therapy session'. We always have a good talk, laugh, and even share tears once in a while. 
  • I did get my Christmas letter (I try to write one, but it doesn't always happen) and cards out early this year. 
  • On the bright side-several batches of cookies are stashed in the freezer. I do like baking and decorating the house.........if I have the time to do it. But I HATE putting it away after the holidays.
  • Men can be such babies.......for example my hubby was home sick for 2 days. I am not sure what was wrong with him, he didn't share. But he did the same thing he does when he's not sick-watch TV and work on cataloging his sports card collection. 
I got up early today so I could accomplish I'm getting off the computer and......                                  


  1. What an interesting thing to do for a tree.
    I don't like to wear shoes either! I'd much prefer barefoot.

  2. Interesting musings!

    The painted tree sounds interesting.