Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

I attended 3 Christmas programs this past week.
  1. Sunday School program: it was so nice to see an old fashioned Christmas program with the shepherds, angels, choir, etc. It was really cute, of course they read the Christmas story from the Bible. The King family (we 3 Kings) from Orient, AR were lost and trying to find their way. Stranded in a snow storm they hid in a church and were able to watch the Sunday School children practice for their Christmas program. My son and daughter in law live in a very small town. The church involvement is great! I bet they had 15 preschoolers and 30 teachers/program helpers. I guess I was impressed b/c I belong to a very small church that doesn't even have the 6 kids who attend Sunday school perform.
  2. 4K program: those are always so cute and fun to watch. One of the girls in the front row had a sparkly dress on and she kept twirling. Another little girl in the front row just stood there nervously holding her hands and not singing. They sang winter songs.

One of her teachers made these adorable Rudolph pops. It's a marshmallow coated with chocolate. You can see the eyes, mini M&M for the nose, pretzel antlers and it's all on a stick! Cuter than heck! looks pretty easy too!

This 4 year old says it was YUM!

  3. Elementary School program: it's their Winter concert and they sang about Rudolph, catching a 
      cold, snowflakes, jolly old St Nick, Kwanzaa, but not one Christian song. That really bothered   
      me! The kids were cute and loved the songs they sang, they love the actions that go along with     
      the songs. Some students played drums and recorders for us.
Can you picture this? I am in my bathrobe and my ribs on the back of my left side were so painful that I had to get up from the computer and eat breakfast while standing up. Of course that was the day I had to drive almost 2 hours to see one of the grandkids. As I was putting make up on and doing my hair I put my OLD heating pad on my side and held it up with the belt from my robe and another old belt. I hurt and I had to do something. When I left I threw a hot pack in the car in case driving bothered me. Actually it was OK  unless I had to turn to my left, cough, or sneeze...owie! It's better but still very sore. I am not sure what happened.

Is it kinda sad or is it good that my 7 year old grandson is the one who accompanies me most of the time? He came along on Sunday, he's normally here for Sunday school/church. 

A big snow storm is predicted for Thursday  I am so glad I decided not to drive the 2 hours to see one of my other granddaughters programs. I saw her sister's program on Monday and went to my daughters to visit afterward. She fed me cookies and hot cider. mmmmmm  We just sat around the table and talked, even her 12 year old son joined in the conversation. I think my daughter was raised by aliens....she is such a good mother. 
Before the program I met the other grandma for a long lunch at the bowling alley, we had the dining area all to ourselves and chatted for 2 hours. Ok, we got a little caught up, but we have more to talk about. 
My work Christmas party is tonight and to be honest, I hope the weather is so bad that they have to change the date. I just have too much to do. Hubby is bowling so I invited my SIL to go with me, she deserves a nice, free meal. 

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  1. Hi Linda, Thank you so much for visiting me at Creative Breathing. I have enjoyed looking through your Christmas posts, especially love your angel tree and your grandmother's wreath. Wishing you a joyous Christmas. Elizabeth