Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas IS I better get ready

The mantel in the family room has been decorated with mostly vintage tree toppers and albums. Why are they mostly gold and silver??? (the teal one is from the dollar store - I needed something more when I first displayed them) I am in love the the album covers! I recently picked up the colorful Santa and blue one with the camels on for .50
 There are cookies stashed in the freezer (that I sometimes have to steal). 

I tried to sell the Santa throw but no one wanted it so it goes on the back of the couch once a year. I added a Santa picture and think that goes well. Now if I could just get the tree up!

A friend and I took my grandson to the live nativity a couple of weekends ago. He wouldn't pose with the holy family but we did get him to sit on the fake donkey. At 7 he's getting more choosy regarding what he'll do.
Tomorrow I am off to watch 2 of my grandchildren in their Sunday school program....hopefully I'll  get some good photos!

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  1. I love your decorations! One of these years I have got to go see the Nativity. Please don't feel so harried and that things have to be perfect, they don't. The important things are friends and family and God's love for us.