Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Orleans Photos

I'm glad I was able to visit New Orleans and would love to return. I want to see Bourbon St at night, I want to sit in the sun in Jackson Square and listen to the musicians, walk the streets and view the incredible architecture, ride all 3 trolleys to the end, and peruse the many interesting shops.
 I love all the decorated balconies, even though I could never live such a confined, small, and busy place.
Yup, taking photos again.

No huge live oak trees with Spanish moss growing on them in WI.

 I finally found out why it's called a Live Oak-the leaves stay green all year round.

Touring the city in a mule drawn carriage was one of my favorite things. Mules are smarter and calmer than horses. We heard tales of ghosts, saw some stars homes, and just enjoyed the personalized chatter from Jim along with the great ride in the carriage with Crawdad in the helm.

 These colorful homes would be out of place in WI, but they are perfect in New Orleans.
St Louis Catherine
 Photos of Jackson Square...a lovely place to wander around or sit and view the musicians. 

Moore Confederate museum cemetery

 What kind of palm tree is this with the berries hanging from it?

 I like the juxtaposition of the palms and Christmas wreaths.

The French Market is a giant flea market................I love flea markets....the prices are better than in the shops. 

I wish I would have bought one of these........I was thinking about it...then forgot about it.

We stopped at the national ornamental metal museum in Memphis. Very interesting  I bought a unique necklace and ring (photos posted later).

Bale of cotton. I've seen thousands of bales of hay, but never cotton. I purchased a ball of cotton (actual from the plant) to show my mother.

 Have I mentioned how much I love the street musicians?

My bff and I really wanted to get our fortunes read, but we didn't :-(

 We stopped at a 'small town Mississippi' museum. It was a beautiful day to wander around and look at the various buildings and gardens.
The printing shop had a Hamilton chest. So what? you're saying....Well, Fisher Hamilton was THE big employer in this city until about 2 years ago. Hubby told me that there had been a plant in Mississippi. interesting...........

the oldest bar in New Orleans

 We had a very informative tour of the cemetery. So very different from the Midwest's cemeteries.

 we toured the Destrehan plantation in LA,

The church at the oldest convent in New Orleans.

 so many interesting things to buy

 the men's card table at the plantation...notice the cards don't have numbers?  They weren't needed, most couldn't read.

Beignets at Cafe Du Monde
YUM!!! after I shook off some of the powdered sugar.

birds all over the place, even on the table tops if they're not cleared right away

this is a must do!!

Most often photographed item at the museum 

Jackson Square

carriages lined up in front of more balconies

 I know what would happen if a bicycle full of beads was chained to a pole here!

 Streams of Spanish Moss.
The Resurrection fern grows on these trees. 

gorgeous colors

 I couldn't buy an outfit like this here

These are just a few of my photos of New Orleans. I love snapfish b/c I have access to photos from 2 of my friends. Thursday night we had our New Orleans 'party'. Everyone brought a dish to pass and we watched the video that our tour leader made.....nice memories.


  1. Gorgeous pictures.
    I'm supposed to be visiting there next year in November to present at an aging conference.

  2. Wow! You had quite a trip. Glad you had an enjoyable time. Wonderful mixture of things to see.