Monday, December 17, 2012

My Angel Tree

I have 3 sets of ornaments I put on the tree. Maybe I'm a hoarder, but I love Santa's and Angels and would buy those types of ornaments when I saw one I I have enough for a whole tree (we have a slim tree). This year it's an angel tree. 

This old glittered ornament, purchased in the early 70's, is my inspiration. I have about 12 of them and would love to find more.
Yesterday I went to the Sunday  school program 2 of my grandchildren were in. Today I am off to watch one of my 4K girls and enjoy a LONG lunch with the other grandma.

I'm on vacation this week.........and I HAVE to be ready on the 24th!!!


  1. Beautiful tree. I love the idea of a theme. I will keep an eye out for those ornaments when I am thrifting or garage saleing.

  2. Thanks Debbi, that would be great!