Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day Breakfast

I try to keep certain traditions alive; for example I invite some of my grandchildren over to decorate cut out cookies, I try to have an Easter egg hunt (weather permitting), I've always done most of my celebrating on Christmas eve (and we still do), and hubby makes breakfast on Christmas day! It started many years ago as a spur of the moment thing (and he is NOT a spur of the moment kind of guy). That's a tradition I definitely want to keep alive!

baked french toast
SD Jessica and her daughter stay overnight on the 24th. Her hubby joins us Christmas day. SS Eastin and his family come over after the 3 boys have opened their gifts at home and before they go to his wife's family's gathering. We eat a late breakfast, about 11ish. That first time (before many of the kids) hubby just made breakfast from what we had on hand......eggs and English muffins. The tradition has evolved, I now shop for breakfast foods so we have enough on hand. One year I made a breakfast brunch with eggs :-), last year we had waffles too, and this year I made this baked french toast . I have to make sure I don't infringe on hubby's cooking or he won't make breakfast any more. 

Do you have any traditions you want to share?


  1. The baked french toast looks delicious.

  2. Christmas Eve family get togehter. On Christmas Day, my son hands out the presents and we take turns opening gifts! It is fun that way and we savor our time together!