Friday, December 14, 2012

Thrifting at Christmas Time

No, I don't need any more Christmas decorations..... I did find what I was looking for - snow pants and boots for my grandson - at the thrift store. And I also found this large (it comes up to my chin, and I'm tall), looks new, canvas wall hanging for $3.00
  A vintage nativity scene, about 12" tall. Since I have been going to the Wonder of Christmas (100's of nativity displays) at a local church I have been obsessed with nativity scenes....I get obsessed with many things. 
 A smaller tabletop scene. I wanted to give this one to my mother but when I visited on Thanksgiving I couldn't find it so gave her a different one.
 This cross shaped nativity scene is about 12" tall. I had never seen one of these until I attended the  Wonder of Christmas display. 
I also picked up a 2" thick stack of beautiful  12 X 12 patterned scrapbook paper, some of it is even double sided and glittered. ($2) I am sharing it with my 2 scrap-booking granddaughters.
No, I did not purchase all of this on one day.

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