Monday, March 30, 2015

An Impending Breakup?

There may be a breakup in my near future and I will not be ashamed of it. In fact I may shout it from the hills. I'll admit I am having a love affair with Brookside dark chocolate candies....but they are not the cause of my breakup. I do love them though!

The cause is the improvement of my heart. 
Today I saw another cardiologist, he said that my EF (heart ejection fraction) has improved significantly (from 19% to 34%) and once the EF is at 35% they don't normally implant a pacemaker or defibrillator in a patient, and 34 is pretty darn close to it doesn't look like I will need anything. He didn't see anything to indicate the need on the reports from the monitor/defibrillator. 
Good news!!!
But he does want me to wear a Holter monitor for 48 hours, that device records every heartbeat and can show them how irregular my heart is or is not beating. I will remove 'Jon' (the wearable defibrillator I have had since mid December) and have the Holter put on tomorrow morning. 
And maybe, just maybe, I will be able to break up with 'Jon' and be free! I was getting used to it....although he could be a nuisance in bed and when trying on clothing. 

internet photo
I don't know if my heart is that healthy.
Almost every day I experience a few seconds of lightheadedness.
Am I fooling myself when I say I don't feel my heart racing?

I expect to have some answers next week.

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  1. Oh wow, you have such GREAT news, Linda! I'll keep praying that you'll be able to leave "Jon" in your past!