Saturday, March 7, 2015

Random Thoughts on a Saturday

"I'm going to live until I die".
I heard some man say this on a commercial for the YMCA. He was a cancer survivor and worked out at the Y every day. I like his attitude. 

I haven't been wearing much make-up for the past 10 months and my skin seems to be smoother and just looking younger  not so wrinkly. Maybe my eyesight is getting worse, maybe I am just lazier, maybe I don't care anymore, but I don't wear foundation as much as I used to. Some powder or blush seems to do the trick. Of course I need mascara (for my very short lashes) and eyebrows to make me look human.

Today I slept in, it felt like a luxury to not have to get up, get dressed, and be out of the door at 9:10am. I was dressed before noon. I haven't felt the need for a nap today.Woo Hoo....much rejoicing today!

More is sunny and 38 here!!! It's a heatwave for us. I actually had to find a lighter hat to wear than my knit was a delightful item to search for. 

One more thing
Wednesday I am having an ECHO to see if my EF has improved (meaning my heart is better) and then I see one of my cardiologists. Next we'll determine what (if anything) needs to be done for/with my heart issues. I have been wearing Jon for 3 months, remember? he's my personal EMT?, my wearable defibrillator? He's been good to me and hasn't felt the need to shock me once. 

Hope you are having a great weekend!!!


  1. Linda- Glad you could wear a lighter hat...Spring is finally coming to WI--whoo hooo...
    Sounds like you are feeling better even with the rigors of chemo.
    Praying your ECHO turns out okay and Dr. has good news for you! xo Diana

  2. It's got to feel good to wear something lighter, and know Spring isn't going to hide much longer.

    How nice to sleep in. I have beginning Glacomma, and the eye drops I have to use every night causes your eyelashes to grow... I actually have lashes to put mascara on...HaHa a good side effect.

  3. Sounds good Linda. Hope you continue to heal.