Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Throw Your Hands In The Air And Laugh

There are days and then there are days, agree???
For instance when my GP's office called me to remind me that it's time for my annual physical. I started laughing.....for the past 11 months I have seen more doctors than I care to think about. I told the caller about my situation and called my doctors nurse the next day. I don't need a pap so don't need that appointment. Once less.

I've completed day 5 of radiation, so far, so good. I have a cold. Yesterday was windy, snowy, and cold....I just wanted to stay home and in my jammies all day...but I went out. Lately I haven't been sleeping very good so I laid down and tried to nap yesterday afternoon.
After radiation is over and I am getting dressed I put my life vest defibrillator back on and the sensors go nuts...the monitor keeps telling me they are not touching my body. After fiddling around with them on 2 different occasions I decided it must have something to do with the treatment. The past 2 days I did not put the battery in right away and everything was OK. Another problem solved.

Today, as I was getting dressed after raddiation, I picked up my glasses only to notice the temple on one side was broken off. Without my glasses I couldn't tell what the problem was, I couldn't see it. I was in the same building where I purchased them (about 3 years ago) so I went upstairs to see if they were covered under warranty. They weren't, no surprise. The gal who was working put the lens back in, I didn't know it was out, and she taped the temple back onto the front piece with scotch tape. What can I do? My granddaughter who has all the fancy duct tape lives 100 miles away. BUT.... I have fancy Washi tape! If I am going to look like a nerd I might as well use fancy tape instead of black electrical tape. 

I wasn't planning on getting new glasses but I do have an appointment for tomorrow.

The woman I rode down with in the elevator had on beautiful blue glasses. They looked great with her white hair, and I told her so! She's quite happy with them.

What kind of fancy, colorful, new glass frames do I want???


  1. Hi Linda, hope you are feeling better. I have to make an appointment soon to get my eyes checked. I keep putting it off, so many doctors visit, my hubby had 35 radiation treatments and 6 or 8 chemo treatments last summer and still going to 3 different doctors for check ups..

  2. Go with something very FUN!!!

  3. If you are keeping this hair color, then you are best off with lavender, purple, and blues. Stay away from the browns now. You might have to change your whole color scheme!