Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Corner Of The Basement

 I didn't have to get up at any certain time saturday, but I was up again before 8. It's so much nicer when I don't have to be some place.
I am SLOWLY organizing my scrapbook area and this is what I did.
I started collecting J's and put this one inside a 24" tall frame. I think it looks cute and personalizes my corner.I am thinking of putting a white background behind the J, what do you think?

The adjacent wall of my corner is pretty dark. It's brighter if I have the lights on, only had one on today. I don't know what I am going to do with the frame hanging on the wall....something...someday.

Here's the after. I covered a 32" X 22" ugly bulletin board with this colorful fabric. It is bright, cheerful, and busy, and I love it! Of course I found the fabric at the thrift store. If you look closer you can see some more J's.

As you can see we have really ugly, old wood paneling on the basement walls. I detest it...but no way am I or hubby going to paint it. I also refuse to take everything off the walls and pay someone to paint I am destined to have ugly walls..........FOREVER. So I will keep covering the walls with stuff to hide the paneling. 
The basement is never going to be all white and a pretty scrapbooking room like in the magazines, but I try to organize it a bit so it is somewhat inviting for me to 'play' in.

I also took one binder and cleaned it out and got rid of it. I know it's not a big thing but it is one more item that is not taking up space. 
Ahhhh, what else can I do now???


  1. One thing always leads to another doesn't it? That fabric is really pretty. I have found lots of nice fabric at the thrift stores over the years. I love the J's too. Does your last name begin with J? I have a few H's around the house since I'm a Hunt. Hope you have a lovely Sunday.

    Hugs, Vicky

  2. Hi Linda, I like that you have the J's. I would put some pretty paper behind the framed J. When I lived in town, I had that very paneling in our living room. I painted it a cream color and wow it lightened that room up. I do not want to paint any more. Or so it seems. I helped my daughter paint her entire house three years killed my feet going up and down ladders and step stools. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I think covering walls, or panelling with pretty things is a good answer. I would love to redo our bedroom set, but living in an upstairs apartment, and no place to sand, paint, etc. I just cover with pretty lace doilies. Haha. Us girls have to do what we have to do. Love ya Linda.

  4. Isn't it fun to have some space "just for you"?! I've never lived in a state where people had basements. I'd like to have one, regardless of the color. Your spunky fabric covered bulletin board is YOU!!

  5. Love your bulletin board. I would put the same fabric (if you have any left) behind the "J" and maybe make some curtains for the one window! Anything to brighten the place up! Soon, the paneling will be in the background, and the pretty stuff will stand out!

  6. I love everything you do/make....Wish I was creative.

  7. For your aqua "J" I'd mat it with the same color as that white/cream insert that's a part of the frame.
    I'd have to paint the paneling if I lived in your house, mostly because that dark paneling would make it impossible for me to see while in the basement and then because I wouldn't be happy until I could look at it without detesting it. Ha, but if it meant I'd have to remove wallpaper, too, I'd just sell the house! I've removed enough wallpaper for one life time. Such a hateful job that is!