Friday, March 6, 2015

A Somewhat Disappointing Day

The fatigue from the radiation is starting to set in....I know the feeling....had it with the least I am not nauseous and it's still I don't feel bad if I take a nap. That is IF I get to take a nap.....yesterday I did not get a nap, I had too much to do.  My first disappointment :-(

Yesterday afternoon I had an eye appointment. I decided to go to Shopko, I have almost always gotten my glasses there, the last time I got new ones I did go to a different place b/c hubby had insurance. I have an AARP card and get it exclusively for new glasses (at Shopko)'s well worth it! I was disappointed to find that they don't have the trendiest selection of frames as the Aurora eye clinic has. I am very thrifty and prefer to pay about $100 for frames....I know I wear my glasses every day and will have them for a costlier pair would not be so expensive on a daily basis...but I can not get over the initial cost.  Also if I got a trendy frame maybe I'd be sick of it in a year and want the next trend??? I'll model my new frames when I get them.

Last night I attended an essential oils meeting with 2 friends. We left early so we could have dinner before the meeting, we like to eat out :-) and the meeting was out of town. I had the liver and onions with 1 piece of bacon. Most people don't like it but it's a treat for me. The bacon didn't seem to put me over my sodium allowance. All three of us were hoping to learn more about the oils but the meeting talked about the company....that was a little disappointing......and boy, could the speaker talk!!!  
After she was finished with her presentation the OOLA guys were on. They were pretty good and shared a common sense approach to life. I believe they are life coaches, wrote a book, and have 2 essential oils named for them. They seem to be pretty successful for 2 young men.

I was so tied during the 2 hour meeting and kept yawning. But, of course, when I went to bed my mind was running wild......I have been spending too much money the past month....just because I didn't spend much last autumn doesn't mean I have to spend it all now! How disappointing! Hopefully, soon, I'll need money to buy plants. I was also thinking that I should be looking into the healthy cooking plan my bff is trying, I am not really understanding the essential oils and feel it's more important to put healthy foods into my body. In my opinion I really don't haven any physical or emotional issues that oils can help. I know I am dealing with cancer and my heart issues right now....and except for the fatigue and wearing a defibrillator I feel good.

On the bright side:

***Look at this huge, delicious, carrot, cupcake I got from the gals at radiation today!!!

I had been teasing one of the nurses about cupcake friday....and viola! it was today! They were waiting for me to bring it up this morning at my treatment but I thought 'I can not keep begging for cupcakes' so I let it go. As I was walking down the hall, with Carol, to get dressed Leah pushed out a cart with a bunch of these BIG cupcakes. I was pleasantly surprised. Usually the man who is ahead of me talks to me if we see each other, but today he kept his back to me and said a couple of words to me and left. Carol and Leah told him not to let me see his cupcake, because it was a surprise for me. All of the nurses I have dealt with have been so nice!!!

***Spring is on the way - it's suppose to be in the 40s in a few days!Woo Hoo!!!!

***Speaking of naps......look out bed, here I come!!!


  1. I am sorry you are so tired, Linda. I know that is one of the side effects. That stuff sure all takes it toll on your body.
    I don't get all the hoopla about essential oils either. I know that is the "big thing" in blogland right now but I am not interested. We did oils back in the hippie days- what is old is new again?
    It will be fun to see your new glasses and I love the cupcake story. xo Diana

  2. I hope you got a good nap and feel rested! That cupcake looks so good. Take care, Linda.

  3. I hate that radiation tires you out so much. But naps are good, in fact naps are still one of my favorite things. Your day out sounds nice, but tiring. The cupcake looks so good. All that wonderful frosting. Yummy.

    Hope you can get your strength back real soon. Love and Hugs.

  4. I have been trying to catch up with blog friends tonight. My husband at one time went to the cancer center to get liquid iron infusions. I use to listen to those getting chemo and radiation treatments. It seem as though everybody was affected differently. I know that they can be very tiring. I am not into the essential oils. Grandchildren worry about grandparents. I know my oldest one calls me to check up on me to see I am o.k. It is rather nice. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley@shirleystitches

  5. ♡♡♡ hugs! 💞 essential oils can be very health wise. But the mlm ones out there want way to much!