Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You Can Sweep Carpet and Other Nonsense

Yesterday  I watched HSN's 24 hour crafting event. Yes, I had it on when I was home and did not buy a thing. While watching I was inspired to make an Easter banner, my first. I should have made my letters in a very dark or white color. (I Won't mention my other mistakes) I used my silhouette and it was pretty easy. The next time I make one I will have a better idea of what I want to do.

I can't get outside (we had some snow this morning and it's too cold) and I didn't want to I played.  

This afternoon I cut out a couple more page layouts with the silhouette....but that's hard for me to do when I am not working on the actual page....I'm not sure of what I'll want to do. 
Then I looked at my mess and decided to straighten up......I can mess up my area in no time flat! 
The basement floor was littered with at least a years worth of paper least I know I have not vacuumed the floor for a year....and I was tired of looking at it.  Instead of picking up the bigger scraps I swept them into a pile and used the dust pan to pick up. I am not sure how good the vacuum would have handled them. I hauled the vacuum downstairs and vacuumed the rest. It will look good until the next time I 'play' downstairs. 
I remember sweeping the carpet in one of my first apartments. We were upstairs and the steps would get so dirty....the other upstairs tenant didn't clean them. I felt it was the first impression people would get of our apartment, even though they only led to the apartment. Since our vacuum wasn't the kind I could use on the steps, I swept them.
So, yes, you can sweep carpet (if it's a really low pile carpet such as indoor/outdoor) in a pinch. Just thought you'd want to know.


  1. Your banner is really cute, Linda! It turned out great! I don't see any mistakes at all.
    I can remember sweeping carpet in our first little place when we couldn't afford a vacuum cleaner...and sweeping when I did have a vacuum cleaner that quit working. lol
    Glad you got some clean up done. Your border on your blog tonight is really cute. xo Diana

  2. Your banner is great! You can do so much with those machines. Happy crafting.

  3. I love the your hutch has a new purpose! I sweep the front porch (carpet), but it is too cold to care about now. At least I have my Easter wreath up which looked rather strange with the snow!

  4. It seems that you've covered all the bases in there. That's great! Isn't it nice being on the proper frame of mind, and really spotting the details which may otherwise pass one by. That is definitely important in cleaning, where all aspects matter. In any way, I'm glad that you've got your cleaning done. All the best!

    German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equipment