Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Silliness

 My first and only stop today was radiation where I was greeted by the new receptionist. As you can see she can quite easily multitask. She is kinda quiet, I don't even know her name. Do you think I need to report the fact that she didn't have her nametag on?

I picked up my locker key and went to change. I finally noticed that my dressing room has a star on it. **Sweet**

When I got home I found my order from Healthy Heart Market. I had ordered some low/no sodium pickles and jerky. I was excited to see the pickles I LOVE pickles. Their beef jerky is excellant!!!

I open one jar of pickles and didn't care for those (sad face - I ordered 2 jars of that one b/c it had such good ratings). I'll try them on sandwiches and hope for the best. I still have 2 others to try. I do have 3 more small jars of my favorite pickles here. 

I'm excited because tonight we are going out with friends/family for fish. Kevin wants to do something nice for the gals who helped me and continue to drive me to doctor appointments. We certainly make it fun....we shop, we know things women to best. It will be good to get out, we haven't been out in ages. As the weather gets nicer I am sure hope that will change. 

The sun is trying to peek out **smile**
How can one person make such a mess in one room (my kitchen)??? Guess it's time to clean up my my mess. 

Happy First Day of Spring!!!


  1. Linda, Bummer about the pickles. Maybe made into a relish they could have a better taste. Nice that you are having dinner with your helpers./friends. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

  2. Too bad about the pickles, Linda. CUTE receptionist. Would she be part of Hugh Hefner's "harem" of bunnies?
    Enjoy your fish fry tonight. Wisconsin gets that right! xo Diana

  3. This blog post sounds pretty "fishy" to me. *wink
    Hope you have a great dinner out. Cute little bunny receptionist!