Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Playing" / Scrapbook Page

Completed day 13 of radiation, over 1/3 done....and the fatigue is hitting me. I ran a few errands after treatment and came home and laid down. How can a person be tired but not fall asleep??? I did doze off for a little while b/c I woke up. I ate some lunch and finished a scrapbook page and now it's time to think about dinner, but I am sooooo tired. Guess I better get used to it. I think I am going to start setting my alarm in the morning b/c today I woke up after 8 and my appointment is at 9:30. I sleep best in the morning.

I got this treat from the nurses in radiation. They spoil us...and I like it :-)

This is the page I finished. 
I saw it on facebook and adapted it to my liking.

Actually it didn't turn out quite the way I planned, but I like it.
Who knows....I may try something like this again.

These are all 9 of my grandchildren.

Thanks for visiting me.


  1. Such a sweet treat (pun intended) from your nurses! How special that they do some nice things for you and the other patients. It probably makes your visits and treatments a little easier. Your scrapbook page turned out so nice. I love it! Have a blessed rest of the week!

    Hugs, Vicky

  2. I love your grandchildren heart. That is so sweet. Your radiation treat is so cute. What a clever idea. I remember how nice my doctor and nurses were when I was going through radiation. They are truly special people, aren't they?

  3. Love the nice treat your nurses gave you.. How caring of them makes me smile... There is good people in this world..

  4. Your scrapbook page is so cute, and how lucky you are to have 9 precious grandchildren!

    One third of the way done with radiation is cause for celebration too!

    Wishing you all the best, always

  5. I like it ,Linda. There are no mistakes in art...I like when I have one thing in mind and it turns out like it was suppose to from the start. LOL. Good job. Hope your day was fun . xoxo,Susie