Friday, February 27, 2015

Nope, I Just Can't Do It and A Good Book

A few days ago I went through all of my jeans to find something that fit....I found one pair of pants. I cleaned out 2 drawers of jeans....and had them sitting on the bedroom floor. I got sick of looking at them, So I pulled out all of my bins that are in the small closet in the hall. I sorted my purses and bags, donated 3 or 4, but I still have a bin that is overflowing. Next I went through my Red Hat clothes....they got rearranged and left for a 'try on day' later on....but I did pick out 6 tops for a 3 day trip I am going on in May.....will have to pare those down too. I won't do anything with my capris and tank tops until it warms up and I can try things on. But I just can not get rid of my jeans...
...what if I gain weight and need them in a year???

I am such a hoarder, I just can't do it,  if our closets weren't so tiny it would not be such a problem.
The same goes for my capris....
last year I donated all of my too small pairs....and now I need them. It's a good thing I like to peruse thrift stores. I do know one thing, I will not be buying so many clothes. Since I am retired I don't feel the need to have so much.
This past spring I did clean out my sweaters, hopefully I can get rid of some more this spring.

My first radiation treatment was yesterday, the worst part was keeping my arms above my head while they took 'pictures'. My left hand actually fell asleep and I was able to put it down for a few minutes. That was a long visit b/c of the x-rays and a visit with the nurse (she explained skin care to me b/c it had not been done earlier). She also gave me lotion to put on the treated area. So far, so good....but that was only number 1....32 more to go. *sad face*

Last night was book club, we went out to eat (as usual). I had a ribeye steak sandwich and it was excellant! Everyone gave their dinner a thumbs up. We really discussed the book, sometimes we are kind of lax in that area, but this book led to a lot of talk. 

At first I didn't think I'd like the book, but I did. Kitty marries an older man who loves her but she doesn't love him. When Walter finds out about her affair he forces her to move to China with him. The cholera epidemic is running rampant, but she really doesn't have any other choice. She makes a lot of 'interesting' choices. I accidently came across the movie a few weeks ago on TV, but it was the middle of it and I didn't want to watch it before I read the book. I was hoping to find it on again...but after I searched my TV listings I couldn't find it. MAYBE I will get it from the library.

I have a busy day ahead, starting with it's time to think about getting dressed. The weekend (no radiation) is fast approaching!  SMILE
Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I hear you about hoarding clothes. lol I have at least 4 sizes saved....but I am getting better at getting rid of them. I donate them to the Back To Work Program at the YWCA (work kind of clothes) and the women's shelter for the others.

    I have not read that book but I will look for it.

    Good luck with the radiation treatments. I hope you can keep your skin supple and soothed-I think that is the worst of it. You will get through this too, Linda. xo Diana

  2. Jeans are costly to replace so I might hang on to a few pair as well. This books sounds like something I would like. Glad to hear your first treatment went well. Hope the next 32 do too! Have a lovely weekend.

    Blessings, Vicky

  3. I'm going through my house cleaning and purging as I go. I'm leaving my closet till the last as it's what I dread the most. That tells you the condition it's in...Glad to hear that you have one of your radiation treatments behind you. Still praying.

  4. Tis the season! I and about 4 of my clients are doing the same thing! Man is it hard to part with some of those things! I have donated 4 huge bags and I am not done! The answer is yes Lois had way to many clothes. ... still working on it! Luck to you! :-)

  5. I have no trouble getting rid of a fault sometimes, as I want it back after it's gone.

    I do have several pairs of jeans in different sizes. They are the hardest to get rid of.

    I need a new summer purse.....bummer, I got rid of a bunch at our yard sale when we moved.