Monday, February 23, 2015

Yes, The Weekend Went Fast

Time sure flies, doesn't it?
Here it is, Monday evening already.
Saturday, after dinner, Grandson J wanted to do a 'craft'. He decided on the shaving cream swirl papers. He got the cake pans out, then we needed shaving cream (I had some from the dollar store and decided a craft project would be a good use for it), and paint. I was going to use food coloring, but he said we use paints. I forget and he remembers everything!
Here's the beginning of our mess.....I forgot to take pictures of our papers....we'll probably use them in next weekend's craft project.

Sunday J did his homework and then we went to his older brother's BD party at the Roller skating rink.
Skylar is 11 now!!!
He's a good skater. Jalen has his own roller blades too. He is not very athletically inclined (does not take after his dad) but he was skating too.  Their 4 year old brother just 'ran' with his skates, he loves it and is not afraid of anything. It's so nice that they have the special walker type thingies for the little ones to use. 

two brothers enjoying cake

After the party I decided to go shopping for some new jeans. First I went to Kohl's, even though I had a gift certificate I could NOT find anything I liked. Then I went to Goodwill and found 2 pair of jeans. One pair I wore today and decided they are too big. Can't take 'em back they will go on top of my huge pile of other too big pants. I'm between sizes so have to take both sizes into the fitting room. And I found a pair of pants in the closet that fit. Now I have 2 pair of pants that fit good. If you 'hate' me because of the fact my pants are too big, don't forget my 'weight loss' journey was not a planned event. I might as well take advantage of it though. I am not going to buy too many jeans, I just don't need or desire many. I am not working so can wear the same ones as much as I want. I might need to buy smaller workout pants (I don't work out, they are just comfy) and some capris too. As usual I will haunt the thrift stores. I do need to buy some dress pants with my gift certificates soon!

My friend Jill, from the hospital, called me later yesterday and we had a nice visit. Her cancer surgery was only 14 months ago and she gives me tips and we share stories. We have more than that in common too.

That was my weekend, hope you had a good one!!!

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend, Linda. Your grandson is so lucky that you can, and will, do projects with him. It is amazing the amt of grandparents that do not want "the mess". We make messes here, too.

    Cute birthday pictures. The brothers are cute together.

    I am not envious at all about your weight loss, Linda. I know the ultimate cost. I lost weight from this last illness, too. My daughter said if people ask to tell them that I am just one serious illness away from being at the perfect weight. She is such a brat...but so funny.

    Blessings to you- glad you have a friend that you can share all with-that understands what you've been through. xo Diana