Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekend Activities

The weekend is over and what did I do?
Nothing spectacular, as usual. I don't mind.
Friday morning I had my alarm set for 5:45AM.....when it went off I wondered "How did I ever get up this early during all the years I worked?" It's just the life you lead when you are working. 
I picked my friend up an hour later and we talked all the way to my doctor appointments (over 90 miles away). We seldom have time to really talk, we just see each other at stamping events or meetings. We had lunch...and then we noticed some better places we could have eaten.....those are tucked away in my mind. At my request we stopped at Michael's to look at scrapbooking supplies. Being the thrifty person I am I only bought a few things, only sale items. That was the only shopping we did. 
Saturday morning I was feeling lazy but in the mood to clean my scrapbooking area in the basement. I actually got two tables cleaned off downstairs....and they remain clean a day later!
That afternoon I went to the mass where my good friend and her husband of 50 years were to be blessed. Afterward we attended a dinner for them. It was a really nice dinner (I know b/c I gained 2 pounds - too much salt is my guess) and a wonderful celebration for them. 
This is the card I made for Carolee, the gold bling looks like ball and chain but it is made of 'sparkly gems.' I even put some gold hearts inside. 
Everyone who was invited was asked to bring a 4 X 6 photo of themselves and write a memory on both of the 3 X 4 blank cards they were provided. The 3 items were slipped into the pockets of the scrapbook on the table. Viola! the scrapbook was complete....great idea, great keepsake!

My friend Carolee, me, and my friend Debbie.

This is Carolee's first selfie.....hope we didn't create a monster.

After dinner we picked up grandson Jalen and called it a night.
Sunday afternoon Jalen, Deb, and I ventured out in the cold to play Bingo at church. We have a small church and they are trying to get some social gatherings going. The prizes were desserts. Between the Bingos Jalen got the desserts he was given he made a haul. He was happy! We had fun, we were sitting at the table as our Pastor was ....he and Jalen seemed to take turns grumbling about how bad their cards were. I think it's good to see your Pastor as a regular person and not just the man wearing a robe and preaching in the front of the church.
When Jalen and I got home he got his homework done and his mom picked him up a bit later.

More doctor appointments are ahead for me this week - my oncologist tomorrow and the radiation doctor on tuesday.
Looks like I'll have time this week to straighten up our spare bedroom....the one the grands were playing in last weekend. They said they put everything away...well, their putting things away is different than mine...and then I have my own mess to clean up.

I'll be busy....but I'll be back soon.
Try to stay warm.....I'd love to stay inside and in my jammies....but I can't.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I haven't done anything exciting either but I did get lots done and I still have tomorrow off for President's Day! Woo Hoo! I hope your Dr appointments go well. Have a blessed week...:)

  2. You look great sporting that red hat!!
    Yeah, Louis Dean says he 'cleans up after himself.' He does pretty good but his definition of clean must be diifferent than mine!

  3. Your card is beautiful! I love the "Happy Anniversary" and gems. That is the best picture of the three of us! I love it and Carolee did a good job!

  4. Sounds like a good weekend, Linda. I am praying that both appointments go well for you. Stay warm. xo Diana