Saturday, February 21, 2015

Artistic Adventures and Even More Useless Stuff

Last night two of my friends and I attended our first Art Night, it won't be our last. We had so much fun. Carolee and Carla had wine (one glass is included) and I had a root beer. 
Amy is such a good teacher. She has art in 42 stores all over the US. 
She lets us use the 'good stuff', not cheap ol' products.
The background is 3 layers of paint.
The flower petals are old book pages. Mine contains my grandma's signature that I got out of her old books, some pages from her books, some sheet music paper (she sang and played the guitar), and a note I found on the internet about grandma's (that I tweaked).
I put a light green wash on the stem and leaves....I could have done the same to the petals.
The stamen (center of the flower) is made with 1-1/2 to 2 inch squares of lightly painted book page scraps. Each one gets wrapped around a pencil and glued onto the flower. 

My artistic friends and me:

Carla, me, Carolee
There was another woman with VERY short hair at the event so I went to talk to her. She's not a cancer patient, but shaved her head on a dare to raise money for her nephew who does have an incurable cancer, he's in his late 20's. Ann said she loves it! She took a selfie of us, but I didn't get one.

This week Kev brought home (new to us) iphones. It's his first cell phone and my first smart phone. Previously I carried a prepaid phone, which is a real pain when I am out of my area because I have to dial the phone number a 2nd time when making a call. Not only do I have to have the number in my contacts but I have to actually KNOW it so I can dial it again. I am still trying to figure my iphone out. I've been using the camera, it takes pretty decent photos. I can easily post to facebook but I need to figure out how to email them and how to prevent all my facebook messages from showing up on my home screen.
He plans to drop our landline.....I disagree and want to check into other options. Does anyone have Magic Jack or something else to recommend?

In a previous post I mentioned that I will be starting radiation next week, for 33 sessions. I asked the radiation dr about doing fewer sessions with boosts. He told me that it has never been done that way for women who have had lymph nodes removed. sigh
As soon as I finish radiation I will be off to Texas with Kev. He's bowling in the national tournament. Last year we went to Reno and had a good time. It'll be warm I'll be ready!

This was a rather laid back week. I straightened up around here, finally got the extra bedroom put back together after the grands 'cleaned it up'. One afternoon I did some scrapbooking at the senior center. One day I didn't even get dressed.....not that I didn't feel good, I just didn't feel the need to get dressed, I played and worked inside all day. On the coldest day we had I decided to run errands, I did find some bargains at the thrift store and used some gift certificates to stock the freezer with meat. I made meatloaf, baked potatoes, and veggies that day for dinner and I liked it! I have a hard time cooking low sodium meals that I like.

Today I have to get dressed and find something to do.....the laundry and dirty bathrooms await me. Darn!!!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun week to me! I absolutely love your art piece! It is beautiful and I love the items you used to give it significanI do that every now and then...usually during the summer of Christmas break when I am off work. Best of luck with the radiation treatments. Hugs and prayers....Vicky

  2. Lovely art work Linda.
    you will soon get use to your iphones and then wonder how you lived without! Good lucjk with your up coming treatment and stay positive xxxxx