Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Quest For Jeans Continues

Yesterday, after my doctor appointment (they are abundant on my calendar), I continued my search for some jeans that fit. This time I went to Younkers (another gift certificate). I tried on about 6 pairs...in various sizes....not the most fun activity when you wear a battery pack around you waist. I didn't like any of them. BUT......I did determine what size I think I wear. After a veggie sub (no wonder I am loosing weight) and grocery shopping I stopped at the thrift store and found a pair of jeans that I hoped would fit, I was not about to get undressed again so I just bought them home. They fit perfectly and I am sooo excited....I have 2 pairs of jeans now! That pair was $3, can't go wrong with that price. My total expenditure was $5 (for my jeans, pants and a shirt for grandson J) so I was able to use my $1 coupon. SCORE!!!

Last night I gave in and went to a Stampin' Up party a former member of our Red Hat group was having. It was fun to see some friends I haven't seen in a while and make some new cards.

This saturday I am going to another Stampin' Up up party.....more fun!

Hubby is home sick today....just laying on the couch.....he's good at it...but he does look sick. I will avoid him, don't wanna get sick too.

My fingernails have been slowly growing, but now they are thin and peeling off. :-(

I start radiation treatments on thursday.....have I told you that I'm a bit nervous about it???

No appointments, no errands to run today so I can stay inside and do housework or play??? Probably some of each. 

Hope YOU are having a good day and are safe and warm!!! 


  1. Wow- You really SCORED!!!
    LOVE it when that happens
    I haven't heard of a stampin party sounds like FUN...
    actually any kind of party with the gals these days sounds like fun haha...:)

  2. Nice score on the jeans. I don't like to shop for clothes...
    Pretty cards.

  3. Don't be nervous about radiation. Compared to chemo, it's a piece of cake. You won't really feel anything until you have 10 or so treatments and your skin starts to get a little burned. Follow the instructions the doctor gives you about skincare and you'll be fine. Only use a very mild, unscented soap like Ivory. When you begin to feel fatigued, know it's because radiation not only kills bad cells but good cells too. Rest as you need to. You can do this! I know you can!!! Lots of love, Bonnie p.s. the radiation time is very short. You'll probably spend more time driving to and from the clinic than you do under the machine having treatment.