Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Few Details You MIGHT Find Interesting

My oh my! Thanks for your encouraging comments, but I am far from the only person who is fighting cancer, pain, or disease....I just write about it.
My mail box was full of cards today...woo hoo....I love cards.
....and these pretty flowers :-)

Only my sister and I are left in my immediate family (not counting our children) and I have always been 'the healthy one', now it's a toss up. Two hospital stays in the last 4 months....I am almost (ALMOST) getting used to having my meals delivered to my bed. I do prefer to be home and wander around. I can't drive yet, but that will come soon.
Of course I had an IV in my arm.....why they put it on top of my forearm I am not sure. It wasn't being used anymore but the nurses flushed it every 8 hours. One day I wasn't paying attention to her but felt 'fire' in my thumb for a second.... "OW" She said she was flushing the IV and I said no one else ever did that. The next day someone came in to do the same thing.....this time there was 'fire' in my thumb and forefinger for 2 seconds. I told the nurse what happened....... That night I needed magnesium....and I had a bad feeling about that leftover from my last hospital stay. I remember it hurting then also. She set it up and all was ok....but when it was almost over I had to call her back....that darn thing hurt!!! The IV was bad and out it came and a young man came in to put a new one in (when I was trying to sleep, as usual). I guess he is specialized in some way, he used an ultra sound and held it on the vein and watched as he stuck the needle in. That took a little longer than the standard poke. She then called so see if she could get some oral magnesium if I needed more, so in the wee hours of the morning I took some pills. That's the IV the anesthesiologist used to give me the 'happy juice', the only one I had left :-)
Before I went home I needed an IV with Lassix..........that hurt right away, so she slowed it down....still hurt.....and that was a new IV. That plan changed. You can bet your boots I'll speak up if anything like that happens again.
One day I had a nurse who does not work in that department and as she was reading my notes she read that I wear a life-vest every day....she asked one of other nurses if I lived on a boat. She told me that story and both laughed, we enjoyed each other. I was the odd patient in CICU.....a breast cancer patient who was alert and not hooked up to too many machines.
It made me feel good when a couple of the nurses popped their heads in my room to wish me luck and say good-bye.
I wanted to call Jill (the woman I met in December, at St Luke's, who is a breast cancer survivor).....I looked all over and could not find her number. :-(   I asked around at the hospital, it's a big hospital, but to my delight, one of my nurses knew her and got a message to her. She came to see me twice and we had such nice visits. I wrote her number down in 3 places and even emailed it to myself. I was going to call her tonight but Grandson J is here and we are going to get at his homework now. I believe God put her in my life and then had to do it again......for this silly human.
My surgeon's nurse and the dr, herself, called me yesterday to let me know that the latest pathology report showed NO cancer cells. 
I have an appointment with her on Friday and am hoping the drain can come out then.....but I have my doubts. If not, my wonderful home care nurse can take it out next week.
Thanks again for your prayers and for visiting my blog. I hope to get caught up soon. This afternoon I felt the need for a short nap.....aahhhhhhhhhh


  1. Praise the Lord...NO cancer cells! What a blessing. I am so happy to hear it! Hopefully life can return to normal for you very soon. Have a blessed Thursday.

  2. No Cancer! Wonderful words of Joy!!
    Glad you're recuperating from the surgery and hope you are soon driving again and back to doing the things you enjoy. God bless you Friend!

  3. I read your story and your sense of humor. Love it. My only advice to you about the drain is to keep it in until they say so - you can have problems if you don't. And NO CANCER cells - yippee.

  4. You have every reason to be in good spirits - clean pathology report! YAY!!!

  5. Oh so happy for the No Cancer Cells report. Yeah. I love your hospital stories as they remind me of 1989 when our daughter was in a horrific car accident and spend a month in ICU and 9 months in the hospital. My husband and I took turns staying day and night. Oh the stories that come out of a hospital stay. Again you attitude and sense of humor and dependance on the LORD are so refreshing. Love and Hugs.

  6. Linda, No cancer cells....that sounds great. I am praying for you to be brand new soon. I think we are getting cheap imported medical supplies...I have heard about some IV 's messing up. You should not have pain if it's done right. Blessings to you. xoxo,Susie