Saturday, June 4, 2011

the Weekend is Here

And what a nice weekend it should be. The sun is shining and it is warm out, I mean warm :-). We've had so few warm days this spring, I like you get it? It is actually warmer outside than inside my house, which often happens this time of year.

My lilacs look so sad this year :-( Between the snow damage and hubby & the neighbor 'trimming' them there's not much left. I love lilacs and will bring in a bouquet today. I have only the white (behind) and the dark purple (my favorite). Hubby left a few minutes ago for a golf tournament (seems like all he does is golf during the summer) so I am home alone all day. Before he left he was so funny, he collected some June bugs and put them in a shallow pan for the birds, I didn't even know he liked birds. Yesterday morning we saw a robin with a June bug or bee in it's beak. (hard to get close enough to see exactly what it was, but it was big!) One morning when I was sitting at my table and checking email a bird flew right into our patio door, poor thing. I've also seen 'my' black squirrel again. Wish he'd pose for a photo! The birds are not coming to my feeders yet.

I like being home alone. I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms yesterday so today I can get outside and plant my flowers......late, but it's been too chilly here. ....or maybe plan B will materialize.

Tomorrow we are taking the 2 grandsons, who live nearby, to "Thunder on the Lakeshore", it's the local air show. We usually go every year, I could skip it but the boys enjoy it.

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