Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wheels, Wheels, and more Wheels

After a long, cool, rainy week the sun has appeared. YAY!!!!! Friday night was the classic car cruise along Lake Michigan and it was a nice night. I am not sure how many cars cruise.....a couple hundred for sure. We have a 2006 red Solstice convertible and hubby likes to drive in the cruise, so we did! It is kind of a classic b/c they don't make them anymore. Hubby likes old cars, he used to have several........I use to drive them b/c I am a classic. LOL It's about a 30 minute drive from one city to the next, people line up to watch along the streets and we drive by and wave. I feel kinda stupid (and forgot to employ the royal wave) but it's fun to wave at the kids and if I am lucky enough to see someone I know it's a plus. Usually they park at the beach but this year the HOG rally has that spot and we parked in the downtown, streets closed and all! There is music (the old R&R that I like), food, and cars. I am not into the cars but it is one of the few things hubby and I do. We grabbed a bite to eat and talked to hubby's twin and SIL. I could have stayed longer and had a 2nd beer but hubby is not the type to sit and relax, so we were home before 8:30PM. I could not sleep, went to bed, read, and watched some TV for a bit...but then I was up until about 2 just fooling around on my Nookcolor. Watch me wanna crash early tonight.

The Harley Davidson state rally is here, in my little town! To be honest, I'd rather be in that cruise....I love riding on a it the wind in my hair, or the snugging up to the guy in front of me???? Anywhere from 1600 -2000 bikes are expected to ride into town via the same route the cars took last night. We are maybe a mile to 1-1/2 mile from downtown so I am sure I will hear the roar of the cycles when they arrive this morning.

Lots to do this sunny weekend: the classic car show, yard work, just being outside when it's not raining, graduation party......YIKES! time to get offline and get busy! Have a great weekend!


  1. This looks like fun! I am impressed that you were there! Have a great weekend!

  2. How would you like to snuggle up to the guy with the horns? Love the pics!