Thursday, June 16, 2011

How Do You Store Your 'Clunky' Jewelry?

I'm not a total slob but I am not a neat-freak either. I'm tall and not model thin so I like to wear bigger, clunkier jewelery and many times it's a bracelet. Most of the time I just toss them on top of my dresser......since I keep adding to my collection I don't know what to do with them. This afternoon I decided I really had to clean the bedroom and I came up with this idea....good or bad???? I have a clear glass flower pot that I don't know what to do with so it has become my catchall for bracelets. It keeps them together in one place and I can see what I have. Smaller, more delicate bracelets fit on hooks or in a jewelry box. This morning as I was reading emails I watched this squirrel on my deck, first he stuffed his face with the fallen black sunflower seeds on the deck (under the bird feeder) then he crawled on top of the fence. It's hard to see but the blur in front of him here is a bird! If it were a male goldfinch it would show up better, but I have no control over who eats and when. :-)

He just sat on the fence by the bird feeder for about 7 minutes, like he was a statue. Was he waiting for another bird??? I had a cardinal too, but he flew away before I could get my camera.

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  1. Cardinals always elude my camera too. For a squirrel to sit still that long is simply amazing.