Friday, June 10, 2011

We All Like Free? right?

This week I decided that getting something for free can be bittersweet...not b/c an obligation was connected to it. A couple of weeks ago an elderly neighbor lady passed away. Louise (98) was the sweetest, fun lovin', spunky older lady. Her husband passed away right after we moved here so I had never met him. They did not have any children. Several years ago she fell & broke her hip, things went downhill from there. Up until that day she was driving 100 miles to see relatives and taking care of her house. She was always 'with it' and loved to talk and watch the Brewers (baseball team). Last summer she fell again and has been in a nursing home since........Hubby has been the doing yard work for her. The other day Louise's nephew stopped over and told us to come over and pick something out. Kevin didn't really want to, he doesn't like 'hand outs' and we felt kinda funny taking stuff from her. I picked out this tea set, isn't it pretty? Every time I look at it I will think of her. I also got a little 3 tired side table and a mix master with stand, etc. Patrick also said we could have a dresser for my SS. They also gave us a box of booze....wanted it out of the house when they show it. It's for sale.........the price is low so it should go fast. Her relatives are out of town and some are in CA so they don't want to hang on to it.

Last night Louie's niece emailed us and said that nothing more can be taken out of the house b/c they hired someone to do the estate sale and they took inventory of everything in the house for the sale. Even Patrick was going to take some dishes and they told him 'no'. It's fine that we can't get anything else, we felt funny taking her things anyway. I felt like I should have taken more time to visit with her.

Life goes too fast, take an extra 10 seconds to smile at someone, say Hi or do something nice!


  1. I like the tea set and if that was the only thing you got, that would be a wonderful memory of her. The other stuff is extra and don't know if they want it returned or not, but I know K worked alot for her.

  2. I think it was kind of you to help her out.
    The tea set is pretty and it was nice the nephew offered stuff to you.
    Peace...Naila Moon

  3. such a pretty way to remember her.

  4. What a beautiful set. Given the yard work your husband has done and both of you simply having been good neighbors, you should not feel guilty about it at all.

  5. Didn't mean anything by my comment, except if they DID want it back, what would be the dif, the tea set is beautiful alone.