Monday, June 6, 2011

I Told You So

Didn't I tell you it was going to be a great weekend????? I was right, for a change. Saturday I was going to stay home and plant flowers but bff & I decided to attend the garden show at the Green Bay Botanical Garden instead. I am going to put this on my calender for next year too. There were over 100 vendors; showing plants and related materials, food, and some miscellaneous items. I would have loved to stay and look around longer but my back and wallet would not allow it. I picked up the iron plant stand shown doesn't show well in the photo, especially with the sparse plants in it.

I also picked up some Natural Image Dead Sea hand & foot body polish. It contains sea salt and oils that make your hands look and feel so nice. I hope it helps my nails too!

Late Saturday grandson J came over to spend the night, well it was such a nice evening that I invited his cousin and my SIL to come over so the boys could play. Our hubbies were golfing and we didn't know when they'd be home so we didn't have to worry about supper. They got home just before we were gong to walk across the street to the school playground, so we got the men to come along. Hubby is such a good grandpa, he played a lot with the boys while we were there.

My youngest grandson is 9 months old.

Sunday we had planned to take the boys to Thunder On The Lakeshore, we usually go every year. The day was perfect: clear blue skies, warm temps, and a slight breeze. Since my motto is 'be prepared' (to the max) I had a backpack stuffed with blankets, snacks, sweatshirts, my camera, etc. Last year was cold and you never know when the wind will switch and it will be cool. The boys were so good and had a great time, as we walked out I told SIL it had been a perfect day for me. I wish the boys parents could spend this time with the kids, but they are unable to do so.
Grandpa took the boys on board one of the oldest paratrooper planes, they said it was not comfortable.

Grandson J in front of the 'Warthog' fighter plane.

While the boys were waiting in line for their first airplane ride on of the pilots of the 'warthog' came over to talk to them about the plane, let them hold a shell casing, and he signed personalized photos for the boys. The 2 on the left are my grandsons, the boy on the right is our nephew.

Six year old grandson J informed us, as we were walking into the air show, that he wanted to take a helicopter ride. Grandpa had to explain that the helicopter rides are pretty 'pricey' (to quote granddaughter T-that's not a word I use). I was surprised that he wanted to do that, he never wanted to try new things.....especially food :-( and was always kind of a 'scaredy cat'. He has grown so much (emotionally) since he started school. Grandpa and the boys getting on the plane for their first plane ride.


  1. I have used the Dead Sea products before and I love them! They have a cuticle oil that is amazing!

  2. Hasn't the weather around here been gorgeous! I've never heard of the Green Bay Botanical Garden. That sounds like something I would love, just a bit far of a drive for me.

    I can tell you are from around say "supper" too.

  3. What did J. think of the plane ride. The last time I was on a plane that small, it was terribly noisy in the cockpit.

  4. I like the umbrella looks good and when the flowers bloom more, will really look good!
    What a fun weekend. I think I would have rather gone to the air show myself.