Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Do You Lead a Double Life?

I am guessing that my blogger friends do not, especially those of us over 30. I don't think I do............if you know me you know: I seldom swear (might if I am REALLY mad), that I am opinionated and what my opinions are, the things I like to do for fun, who my friends are (and if I could have it my way all of my friends would like each other too), that my life is pretty boring but I like it.

Do you have teenagers? Do they have a Facebook account? Are you one of their many friends? Many teens will add you as a friend, but..................they may have a 2nd account (with a nickname) for their friends where their chatter will be totally different than what you see on the 'family friendly' page. I guess it's understandable for teens who are trying to grow up.

BUT I feel that when you are an adult and feel you have to keep secret certain things from your family members it's not alright. Why are you keeping it a secret? Is your conscience telling you something? Listen to it. Some people do not grow up and mature just because they hit the magical age of 21.

The purpose of this rant is to say: "Don't do it if you don't think it will make your mother or father proud....if you don't want to do it in front of your children". Friends can come and go but you're 'stuck' with your family.

Thanks for letting me get on my soap box once again.


  1. My husband and I had a similar conversation with a friend of ours. He chooses not to tell his kids about is hippie days back when he was young. We tell our kids about a lot of our experiences. Catch my drift? Anyway, sometimes while reminiscing in front of kids, parents dont want the kids to know about who they were. I guess its a parents perogative. We were younger and made mistakes and learned by them. Bottom line for me; I don't lead a double life!