Monday, June 13, 2011

It's All About the Cupcakes

I've nicknamed my 3 yr old grand-daughter 'cup cake princess' b/c she loves all things cupcake. Her birthday was in May but we visited on Saturday and brought her gift then. Here's the card...I went with the cup cake theme.

Of course, I had to bake cup cakes and finally used the display stand.

She peels the wrapper off so carefully. Mom let her have 3 cupcakes that day!!!

I remembered I had these little cup cake gift holders, her favorite! Had I known that I could have saved a bit of money on her gift. LOL

Mom, big sister, and the birthday girl.

My oldest grandson and another one checking out my Nookcolor........Grandson C really loved it.

Some of the cast members of the short play the kids put on for us.

Experimenting..........drawing styles...and fashion. Guess she often wears 2 different shoes.

Three of the grand kids making 'chalk paint' in the junkiest place in my yard-my potting & compost area. But hey, they enjoyed it.

The 2 grands that stayed overnight enjoyed popcorn, reading, and TV before bed. The next day it looked like they had a popcorn fight...but they did not.

Mom has enough self confidence to let the kids were what they want, providing it is weather appropriate and not risque......but matching shoes must be worn in public.

I had a great weekend with my daughters family on Saturday. Sunday the 2 boys & A played here....Since I was awoken at 5AM it was a long day..........we did have a good day :-)


  1. I love a little girl who already knows her own mind...the shoes. It is obvious from these photos what a fine grandmother you are.

  2. I love A's pigtails! So cute. Two different shoes, that girl is the creative one. C is the scientist, wonder what the youngest will be?