Friday, June 10, 2011

Replies to Your Comments & Questions no particular order.....

Grandson J loved the plane ride and they boys were not afraid, they looked out the windows to see their hometown below. They did say it was loud.

Patrick was pushing Louise's stuff at us.......saying 'you like it? it's yours'. They don't want anything back...just can't let anything else go out b/c someone contracted to sell the household items. No one knew it at the time.

Yes, who does get to make up the cute sayings for cards???? Even if I had that much time on my hands I couldn't think of such funny stuff.

re: Do you lead a double life: I was actually thinking about a young man who writes songs and performs...but many of the words are NOT something I want to hear nor do I think the young children should listen to it. He is talented and thoughtful, I just wish he could be a Good, Christian, Moral example. I also don't think parents should try to be friends with their know, hang out, esp partying too much. Some of the younger parents just don't seem like they've grown up they still wanna )*&%? with their friends. In my opinion once you have children it's time to settle down and put your children ahead of your personal partying life. Guess I am just old fashioned and a prude (no, not really). Of course I have done things in the past that I am not proud of and I do believe in telling your kids what mistakes you've make so Maybe, just Mabye they can learn from you. Just another of my opinions....right or wrong.......more to come in the future.

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